Tori Amos in fine, spooky form

               DMIKE ROSS -- Express Writer
               Tori Amos
                The Kate Bush from hell is in fine, spooky,
               shocking form on her latest album, a mind-numbing
               array of fascinating rhythms, outworldly sounds and
               cringe-inducing cryptic lyrics that lightly brush
               against topics too horrible to speak of. Not quite as
               strange as Bjork - but close - this is musical film
                Inspired by a miscarriage Amos suffered, this is the
               kind of record that will brook no ambivalence.
               While more accessible than previous work, you will
               either hate it or love it. No in-betweens. The
               honesty and almost frightening passion with which
               Amos approaches her music has seen to that. For
               good or ill, the artist's personality comes across in
               vivid, lurid color. Love, hate, despair, sex and
               death and treated with the same sultry venom. It's
                Recommended, but only for those with strong

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