Tori Amos
Hey Jupiter

Label: Atlantic
Genre: Alternative
File Under: Between-album filler
Rating: 55

Hey, Tori, what's with this five-song E.P. fixation? I mean, it was all right a few years ago when you put out that cool piano version of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on the Crucify E.P. That was special. This, unfortunately, seems like filler, designed to revive interest in your Boys for Pele album. Sure, now that you've added some rhythmic and textural enhancements to "Hey Jupiter," the song shows more depth, and the live version of "Sugar" isn't bad. But the unreleased "Honey" could just as wellhave stayed that way, and your awful, rhythm-deprived take on "Professional Widow" only serves to demonstrate what can go horribly wrong when you give yourself enough room to overact. And Tori, your cover of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" is so, well, ordinary. You've never sunk to that level before.
 óBob Remstein

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