New Tori Amos album details
               By JOHN SAKAMOTO
               Executive Producer, Jam! Music
               Monday, March 2, 1998
                   Tori Amos has finally signed off on her
               long-awaited new album, "From The Choirgirl
                The album, which will be in stores in Canada and
               the U.S. on May 5, contains 12 songs. Recorded in
               a 300-year-old barn in Cornwall, England, it was
               produced by Amos.
                Below is the complete track listing, courtesy of
               Atlantic Records Canada, which has also
               confirmed the album's title:
                Black-Dove (January)
                Raspberry Swirl
                iiiee (Note: This is NOT a typo)
                Jackie's Strength
                Liquid Diamonds
                She's Your Cocaine
                Northern Lad
                Playboy Mommy
                Pandora's Aquarium
                Amos will take the unusual step of playing a short
               tour well in advance of the May 5 release of "From
               The Choirgirl Hotel". Though no dates have been
               finalized, the three-week swing will likely take in a
               dozen cities in North America, from mid-April to
               early May.
                At this point, it appears that Amos will play only
               one date in Canada. That show is pencilled in for
               Toronto, venue TBA, on April 28, though that is
               still subject to change.
                Those dates will be the first tour Amos has
               undertaken with a full band.
                Amos will premiere her new album with an
               appearance on David Letterman's Late Show,
               April 10. As of Monday, Atlantic was not sure
               what song she would be performing.
                Meanwhile, England's Q magazine is reporting that
               Amos got married recently to her engineer, Mark
               Hawley. Atlantic Records had no comment on the

                articles & chat transcripts