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 The 5  weeks tour - Tori & Alanis toured together! The 5 ½ weeks tour!

 inkblot magazine - win Tori stuff! - win Tori stuff from Ink Blot Magazine - A book is being written by and for Tori Amos fans! If you are interested in sharing your Tori Story for the book or website this is the place!  Anything goes... Tori dreams, thoughts, real experiences, fantasies or Tori inspired creativity. (no ending date is given, but since it's a book, i'm guessing it does have a deadline.)


Alta Mira Cyber Shop

sells great posters like these:
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In Association with In Association with
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 CDnow - buy Tori's albums, singles, and more on-line from CDNow!

Here is a good place to find Tori Amos stuff. It isn't a store, exactly. It's just this guy Kyle who tries to help fellow Tori collectors. If you see something on his site for sale, just e-mail him to make sure he has it and to reserve it. It's that easy. Prices I've seen are pretty fair. Also, he hosts regular Tori Auctions for which much good stuff is up for bid. High bids are posted so you can get an idea of the competition.

InterGalactic Garage - IGG is one of the bigger dealers in Tori merchandise.

Poster Planet - This is a good place to find posters. Specifically, concert posters of various musicians, including Tori, by Bob Masse and Gary Grimshaw.

rainn showers - Tori items for sale to benefit RAINN

The Reading Room - This site is a place where you can find a list of all, or most, of the books available that are about Tori, music books and others.

Rock Star Headquarters - This store has a small ammount of Tori stuff. Some import CDs and some other items, as well as stuff from various other bands.

Stargate - This is a site that you can buy Tori (and many others) 8" x 10" pictures, some autographed. The prices are decent for the non-autographed pictures if you buy a bunch at once to make the postage cost worthwhile.

Tori Amos [] - buy tori stuff:  videos, t-shirts, cds, collectibles

 The Tori Amos Shoe - buy your Tori Amos shoes from!


#Tori Web Page (IRCNet) - Tori has an IRC channel on IRCNet called #tori and this is a web site put together by that IRC channel.

#tori Web Page (Undernet) - Tori has an IRC channel on Undernet called #Tori and this is a web site tells you more about this very friendly channel on the net.

#toriamos Web Page (Undernet) - Tori has another IRC channel on Undernet called #toriamos and this nice web site tells you more about the channel.

Absolute Amos - The Tori Grave, lyrics, VERY COMPLETE links, nice pix

AllExperts Web Site - Steve Gordon represents an organization called He says that they have a new and unique Tori Amos resource that lets people send detailed e-mailed Tori questions to experts and get answers for free. Go there and check it out.

All The White Horses - some news, links, articles, pix, discography, tori stories, quotes

Ashre - original tori art, short stories, lyrics, art gallery, webring, poetry, quotes, chatroom, pix, bio, links, midis, ears with feet

the audiTORIum - news, pix, meet & greet pix, articles, torisms, lyrics, sounds

Bachlorette...a tori page - "THE WORLDS LARGEST TORI AMOS MEDIA ARCHIVE!" (midi, .wav, .avi, .mp3/.mp2, .mov, realaudio, realvideo, .mpg, .jpg, .gif), lyrics to like everything, awards, poems, join the ChoirGirl Hotel Tori fan club, part of the Letter From The Choirgirl Hotel Mailing List, links

Back on the Streets - tori stories, bootlegs, pix, midis, poll, parodies to tori songs, a play based on "Marianne," chords, videos, links, stuff, song of the day

Behind My Eyes - pix, sounds, e-cards, FAQ, tori story, links, shows

Billboard Online Presents: Tori Amos - bio, information

Bytes of Tori, get it on the plate girl...

A Case Of Tori - free tori gif animation for your site, personal tori story, story of the week, 11 page term paper about "boys for pele," scanned autographs & ticket stubs, dreams about tori, pix, links

Caught A Ride With The Moon

Chasing Tornadoes

The Church of Tori - news, lyrics, pix, links, EWF submitted poetry

Dancing with Danger - lists tori links with reviews & banners and with individual ratings.

A Dent In Tori's Ass - A humorous study of Tori's changing look over the years.

A Dent In The Tori Amos Net Universe - the BEST source for tori news.  plus pix, tv/radio info/archive, tour info, online forum, toriphile registry, multimedia, thoughts & creativity, articles archive, ewf photo album, RAINN info, links, tori calendar, 'i heard tori's music or saw tori..." sightings page; you want it? mikewhy's got it!

DragonKissses' WebPage - information on the EWF who are frequent chatters at the chat room

Drops of Ivory - "to venus and back" info, tori bio, neil gaiman info, lyrics & interpretations, random midis, past tour experiences, links

Ebony and Ivory: Tori Amos Unveiled - tori & al stewart connection info, tori & RAINN info, tori in US magazine (Dec. 1996) article

E-Minor - poetry, pix, tori story, links, neil gaiman info.

Etiolation - information, lyrics, sounds, photographs, links

Feel The Word - story about talking personally with tori's dad, benefits to help rainn, tori quotes, links, some pix; This site has a lot of Tori quotes, ways to help the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network, pictures, links, stories, information, and all kinds of great stuff.

Figure It Out- The Tori Amos Puzzle page features truly unique and creative Tori Amos themed visual puzzles. Atlantic Records calls this site "Cool and Creative".  Puzzles include: The Tori Puzzle Box, Tori By The Numbers, Dinner With Tori. Other features of this site: The Tori Conspiracy Page, Toriphile Registry, original artwork including many Tori & Sandman related pieces

The Force of Tori Amos

A Frog Named Jethro - interpretations, photographs, links, videos, polls, sounds, lyrics, information, reviews

Here. In My Head: My Tribute to Tori Amos

Images & Insights - thumbnail images

iMusic Bulletin Board: Tori Amos - forum where tori is the discussion  :)

Kittens in Cement

The Library - images, lyrics, news, etc.

little fascist panties

lollipop gestapo - ears with feet, discography, bio, pix, quotes

MinnetteMaid's Tori Amos Page - pix, mailing lists, news, lyrics, poetry, inventori, personal tori story

My Little Tori Page - pix, discography, London 1998 meet & greet info., trade, mailing lists, transcripts

Nautical Nuns Casino - awards, pix, lyrics, tori desktop wall paper, backgrounds for pages, screensavers

On the Other Side of the Galaxy - pix, polls, mp3s, manipulations, thoughts, tori mail

A Pinkish Haze - news, links, pix, lyrics, midis, polls, tv, quicktime, video, awards

Precious Things - a posting about what Tori and "Winter" mean to one person.

Prism Perfect - bootlegs, pix, lyrics, videos, interpretations, sheet music, discography, links, awards

Project Icicles - some Toriphiles celebrated Tori's birthday (August 22) by contributing to this surprise gift! (deadline was Aug. 20, 1999) - this project has ended, but you can still read about it

Purplesque - pix, desktop icons & wallpaper, games, awards

Quietly Becoming - links, awards, quotes, lyrics, photographs

Rare Tori Amos Lyrics - lyrics to just about every song tori's ever done

Really Deep Thoughts - official Tori Fanzine

S C R E A M I N G in cathedrals - lyrics, quotes

Scenic Toriville - currently under construction, but check the nice banner message!

ShAkE.ThE.KaLeIdOsCoPe - tape trading, articles, reviews

She's Still The Angel - news, bio, pix, quotes, "tori the food lover" (lists the food tori mentions in her songs)

She's Your Cocaine

 Shock Me Sane

A Simple Tori Obsession - info, links, pix, lyrics, tour, stori, web poll, gossip, webring

Singing Lullabies - news, tour 1999, photos not found at other sites, multimedia, shows, lyrics, links

Sometimes You're Nothing But Meat... - news, biography, links, photographs

T h e . S p a r k do: Fairy Tales

The Swirl - pix, mp3s

TechnoTori - sound clips, a few links

That Darn Tori Amos - site owner is friend of tori, claims to have introduced tori to neil gaiman's work and neil to tori's - official site

T.O.R.I. (Tori Online Research Institute) - news, lyrics, sound clips, pix, discography, articles, reviews, interviews, collectibles catalog, info & FAQs, links

Tori Amos [] - statistics on tori, extensive list of fan links

Tori Amos [] - some pictures, reviewed links

Tori Amos [] - a page loaded with tori images

Tori Amos [1440 Media/Radio Free Entertainment] - info. on singles and tour dates

Tori Amos Discography - a chronological record of Tori Amos U.S. albums, singles and compact discs. Each album and singles page provides a complete track listing with full composer credits, detail song instrumentation, accurate track times, liner notes and album covers / picture sleeves; album pages also indicate the mint collector value and highest Billboard chart position.

toriamos - "The Doughnut Shop"

Tori Amos-Ears With Feet: An Interactive Tori Amos Fan Site

Tori Amos Encyclopedia - lyrics, songs explained, rare pictures from tori's life

Tori Amos: A Fire in the Sky! - tori info, images, lyrics, concerts, tori connections, discography, info. on tori collectibles (item descriptions, where to get them, etc.)

The Tori Amos Homepage - FAQ, pix, quicktime movies, discography, "Really Deep Thoughts" gateway, articles, Neil info, lyrics, links

Tori Links, A-S - links

Tori Amos - London Girl Wanted - tori info, news, RAINN, concert info.

Tori Amos Lyric Database - collection of all the lyrics to any song Tori has sung (includes covers, B-Sides, and album songs), random Tori quotes, Tori quotes about each song

Tori Amos MP3s

Tori Amos - Musical Butterfly - biography, sounds, lyrics, links, photographs, videos, and a messageboard

Tori Amos On Your Plate

A Tori Amos Page - cool graphic design, links, dew drop inn tour '96 info, "Boys For Pele" info, tori bio, early (1984) review of tori, breakfast with tori at the house of blues, "Boys For Pele" atlantic records promo info

Tori Amos - Perfectly Windy Sky

Tori Amos Quote of the Day - awards, quote of the day archive, quote of the day mailing list

 Tori Amos: Ripples In A Pond

Tori Amos Videography

Tori's Beauty...and a gun - information, sounds, lyrics, photographs, news

Tori Links, A-Z - articles/interviews, tori music database, VERY extensive list of links organized by untitled, numeric, and alphabetic

UpSiDe DoWn: A Tori Amos Tribute Page - links, sounds, videos, information, mailing list, Toriphernalia

Violence In Mind

Yet Another "Ears With Feet" Web Page

Y Kant Tori Read FAQ


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