[image]  Cornflake girl:  Tori Amos wows the Net from Atlantic's Digital Arena


Dive on the Desktop

WHEN TORI AMOS PERFORMED for free at the new Virgin Megastore in New York City, the Net was watching from Atlantic Records' Digital Arena (http://www.atlantic-records.com/).  And no one needed any hardware or software besides a Java-enabled Web browser.  That's because Atlantic used Thinking Pictures' new Rockpipe software to broadcast video on the Internet.  Rockpipe uses Netscape's server-push feature to transmit 12 frames per second at 28.8 kbps, and smooth video on high-speed connections (like T1 lines).  The rest of the arena consisted of inspired uses of low tech:  an Atlantic employee armed with a cell phone described the event and interviewed audience members, while someone back at the office typed his commentary onto the Web site.  Next up in the Digital Arena:  The Tragically Hip on May 31.

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