lyrical references on my Tori Amos page:

  • "she's afraid of the light in the dark" [page title] is from Spark

  • "figure it out" ["name that piano solo" contest] is from Mr. Zebra

  • "something safe for the picture frame" [picture gallery] is from She's Your Cocaine

  • "sometimes i hear my voice" [music samples] is from Silent All These Years

  • "can't forget the things you never said" [lyrics] is from Blood Roses

  • "line me up in single file" [albums & track lists] is from Pandora's Aquarium

  • "and I thought I wouldn't have to be with you a magazine" [articles, reviews, & chat transcripts] is from Hey Jupiter

  • "Neil says hi, by the way" [neil gaiman] is from Tear In Your Hand

  • "or will I see you dear and wish I could come back" [concert] is from Happy Phantom

  • "i guess that what i'm seeking isn't here" [links] is from Hotel

  • "fins that you'll never find" [miscellaneous stuff] is from Pandora's Aquarium

  • "don't go yet" [home] is from Father Lucifer

  • "no one's picking up the phone" [email me] is from Hey Jupiter

  • "exit 75" [back] is from Hotel

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    "exit 75"

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