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Name: Alex Bender
Location: Bay Area of CA
Age: 15
Fav. bands besides Nirvana: Jawbreaker, Mudhoney, Shonen Knife, Mark Lanegan, Minor Threat, Melvins, Man or Astro-man?
Lead singer of a band I most resemble: Blake Schwarzenbach
Random shit: Berkeley is an awesome city. Last IQ test I took, I scored 130, which supposedly makes me gifted, so fuck you. I saw Mudhoney and Cosmic Psychos on the night of 4/17/98. I guess I live the straight-edge lifestyle (in the words of Ian MacKaye, "(I) DON'T SMOKE, DON'T DRINK, DON'T FUCK" although I think labeling yourself and following it like a religion is pure closed-minded elitist bullshit. I play the violin in a youth symphony that just got back from touring Spain (6-7/98) and recording some stuff for a cd. So, in other words, we're good. The X-Files and Ally McBeal are the two best shows on television. Seinfeld was good, too. I maintain the Cherry-flavored Antacids page, along with the Nirvana First and Last Live Performances Guide.

Name: Björn Magnusson
Location: Staffanstorp, Sweden
Sex: Male
Age: 18
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Claim To Fame: Used to be the president of The Thomas Morgan Appreciation Society (Which I also founded), but for some inane reason, I got sued by the american government, and I had to delete the page. It was a conspiracy, of course. (It will return, trust me!) I recently scored 9 out of 9 on an IQ test, so I guess I'm the smartest one around.
Music I Like: Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, Neil Young, Helium, Pavement, Hole, Foo Fighters, Loosegoats, Red House Painters, Paus (at least what I've heard so's Peter Svensson's (of the Cardigans) solo-project.), REM, Beck, Lemonheads, blah, blah, blah.
Hobbies: Abusing an acoustic guitar, will soon play either guitar, bass, drums or kazoo in a band, collecting Nirvana shows (, study (it becomes a hobby, wether you like it or not), reading, posting to the same newsgroup, worshipping Justin Slade for creating this ego-boost, listening to music (that's probably my biggest hobby, and supposedly the reason for my constant need of money).
Other Stuff: Beavis & Butthead makes me laugh, as well as Ally McBeal (well, lots of other stuff as well, but these comes to mind directly), Beck writes "interesting" lyrics, I need a haircut. There is a chance that you can find me in #kurdt_cobain (on Undernet), or perhaps in #amn (on Dalnet).

Name: Brian Peterson
Sex: Only when I'm in the mood
Age: 17
Location: Miami, Fl
Claim to Fame: Creator of the controversial "Unofficial Nirvana FAQ", "Ultimate Nirvana FAQ" or whatever else you want to call it. Basically a collection of all the best Nirvana info on the internet with a lot of new material squeezed into a downloadable Wordpad Document. Leader of the White Trash Posse, an organization out there to end the stereotypes. You can go to the WTP Members Area website at this address and see if you would like to join the cause!!!

Name: Chris Hickman
Aliases: Gomer, Chrisman, Topher, Charlie Brown, Kurt, Mr. Burns, Piss Dickman, Redbeard, many others...
Sex: Male, Female on Tuesdays and after midnight
Age: 17 as of 11/18/98
Hobbies: Tape trading, CD-R buying and later trading, computer shit (games, internet, etc.), bowling, golf, work, work, work, sleep, work, school, work
More than a hobby: My band, The Hydrogen Geeks, going to local concerts, hanging out with my woman Bryanne.
Boot Page:
Personal Quote: We gotta ride tonight, my little homey Kenny died tonight! (Unhhhhh!)
Personal Bitches: Joe Mitchell, Liam Walsh

Name: Dave Ewing
Location: York Beach, Maine
Sex: Undecided
E-mail address:
Web Page: Silly Monkey!
Favourite Sex Toy: The cream that gets hot when you blow on it.
Hobbies: See above.
More Hobbies: Sneaking some Nirvana onto my radio show. Hanging out with my girlfriend. Playing guitar. Paying people to do write my college term papers. Hoarding rare Nirvana material. Being an Anti-PC Activist. Sleeping
Claim To Fame: Organising the Jim Griffin Chat. Fooling everyone with my recordings of Vendettagainst, New Poopy, Dance, and the title of Utopia in Hell. Losing my virginity at age 10 (not to a family member or middle-age man!)

Name: David M. Short
Alias: davester, the_davester (I changed it...)
E-Mail Address:
My Dejanews profile: Click here
Age: E or 1110
Sex: Mail
Homepage URL:
Favourite Albums: Nirvana - Unplugged, In Utero, Nevermind, Green Day - Nimrod, Collective Soul, Pearl Jam - Yield
Claim to Faim: I wrote the infamous (HA HA HA) 'a south park/nirvana crossover fanfic,' appeared on the evening news when my school burned down, have been in the newspaper a few times and have some of the better grasp of the english language on AMN.
Favourite Southpark Quote:
Kyle: F[bleep]ck Mr. Hat.
Mr. Garrison: No, no, Kyle. F[bleep]k you.

Name: David William Perle
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
A.M.N Subscriber Since: 8 or 9/94
Residence: South Florida
Sex: I wish
Age: 20
Musical Interests: Too many to list here, go to my music home page.
Claim To Fame: Longest-running continuous subscriber to the newsgroup. Yes, I feel very proud. Other claims to fame include being the notorious Courtney-backer in all of the online murder theories, though I publicly came around to the other side the beginning of '98. Before I did I had conversed a bit with Ms. Love, and I was included briefly in the book "Who Killed Kurt Cobain?", among other media blurbs.

Name: Eddie Campbell
Location: Inverness, Scotland
Sex: Male
E-mail address:
Hobbies: Reading AMN, playing my bass, adding to my ever increasing record collection, adding to my ever increasing Audio / Video Nirvana boot collection, watching pro-wrestling, waiting for a new Mudhoney album (September 22/98! -Justin)....
Favourite Albums: Mudhoney - Superfuzz Bigmuff, Nirvana - In Utero, Nirvana - Bleach, that new Dandy Warhols one (forgot the name)
Favourite Nirvana Things: My green Tupelo Sliver / Dive 7", my Love Buzz 7" 'promo'

Name: Garrett Wade Amyot
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Location: Philadelphia, New York (Yes, there is such a place)
AMN Member since: about 11/12 1996
DOB: 02/03/79
First Got Into Nirvana: 1993
Hobbies: In a band, called many things, for now it's Alkutezio. I play Guitar, Bass, Drums, etc., depending on what song we're doing.
Favorite Bands: Nirvana, Pixies, Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Methodists, Foo Fighters, Plastics, Das Damen, Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, Swell Maps, REM, Pylon, Meatless Grillers, Fireants, Venice Is Sinking, Smiths, etc.
Favorite Things: Clarissa Walker, Music, My First Budgie Book, Jacob Pete's Color Book, Seinfeld, Simpsons, Sliders, Batman Jackson, The Monaghan Mangler, Yoon, Besley, Matt'eas Hrnt!, etc.

Name: Igor Bratic
Location: Calgary, Canada
Sex: Male
Age: 15
AMN Reader/Subscriber Since: 12/97
Interest: Music
Claim to fame: Worked in McDonalds for 3 days, got fired. Stole record number of chicken McNuggets in one night. Worked in Bottle Recycling Depot for 2 days, got fired. Broke record number of bottles in one weekend. Once choked on a strawberry-flavored condom (truth or dare). Got expelled from my junior high. Skipped grade 9.

Name: Joe Mitchell
Location: somewhere in Texas
Sex: only in my weirdest of dreams!
Age: 15
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Hobbies: hmmmm. Bass guitar, internet, beer, masturbation in public, trying to piss of cops....sleep. must have sleep.
Personal Quote: "Wanna call yo crew? Go ahead! I gots mo back-up than reverse!"
Favourite AMN .Sig: Stoney's, "I Live In A Free Country?"
Favourite Album: The HYPE! Soundtrack.

Name: John Murren
Nickname: Harper
Age: 21
Sex: Male
First Got Into Nirvana: January, 1992.
Favourite Nirvana Album: In Utero
Favourite All-Time Album: Exile on Mainstreet
Other: I play bass and sing lead in a "Rawk" band called Bluedog.
My Nirvana Testimonial: I first got into Nirvana when a friend of mine played me Bleach in early 1992. I had heard the "hits" from Nevermind, but honestly I was not impressed with what I heard. I do like the album now, but it took a while. I bought In Utero the week it came out and I still feel it is the greatest album of this decade. From the production to the song writing, it is in my opinion the album people will remember. After seeing the band live in December 1993 (Omaha) I listened to nearly nothing else until April of 1994 when Kurt's death caused everyone in my trendy town to go ape shit over them. They are still one of my favourite bands; the best we've had in the last ten years, and likely the best we will have well into the next decade.

Name: Josh Lancaster AKA squashman
DOB: 01/15/79
Location: Central Texas
What Else?: I've been reading and posting to amn since mid '96. I work pretty much fulltime delivering pizzas for Domino's where I get paid 8 bucks/hr (depending on tips) plus 18 cents/mile all for cruising around on my arse listening to cd's on my car stereo. Yeah, I like my job. I first heard Nirvana when I 'borrowed' my friends nevermind tape in '92 and thought they were OK. I still have that tape, hehe.
I Listen To: Nirvana, Ramones, Butthole Surfers, Devo, Misfits, Jesus Lizard, Pavement, Big Black, Sonic Youth, Pixies.
Anything Else?: I won the Spelling Bee for Brazos County (pop. 100,000) in 1990.....I now attend a junior college.
How Could AMN Be A Better Read?: If I had a filter on my newsreader that would sift through all posts containing the words 'kewl' and 'rawk'.
Anything Else?: That is all.

Name: Justin Slade
Residence: Ontario, Canada
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
A.M.N Subscriber Since: In 08/97, I first started reading A.M.N., and stopped in 09/97. Started again in 11/97, and then stopped around 11/98 for a final time.
Interests/Notes/Misc: I trade bootlegs, and am proudly Canadian. I am interested in bands such as Nirvana, Mudhoney, Sloan, Sonic Youth, Foo Fighters, Sweet 75, Hole, Collective Soul, the Beatles, Sleater-Kinney, Smashing Pumpkins (older "rock" stuff... ya know, the stuff everyone says they like), the Doors, Queen, L7, Bob Dylan, Pixies, Green Day, R.E.M., Beck, Screaming Trees, Pearl Jam (kinda...), the Methodists, Weezer, Velvet Underground, Potatobug, Everything After Z, Marble, FooLtank, etc. (I think that's enough). Rubik's Cube is the greatest puzzle of all time, hands down. I play tuba in a concert band and bass trombone in a jazz band.
Claims To Fame: I have memorised the first 51 digits of Pi, and I once told a woman I coined the phrase "pardon my french" (please excuse the blatant Seinfeld reference). I created a certain fake title for the song "You've Got No Right" that starts with an "Over" and ends with a "Yonder Cliffe".

Name: Kamikaze
Location: California, USA
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Interests: I love trading bootlegs/mp3z. I love Nirvana, Foo, Korn. I have been bashed in AMN for standing up for people. I was in the right but others were too stubborn. I play drums and I'm in a band, we play some Nirvana stuff but we are somewhat punk.

Name: Kate Biffle
Location: Memphis
Sex: Female
Age: 06/16/83
Favorite Kurt Quote: "TIM: What would you title your autobiography? KURT: I Was Not Thinking, by Kurt Cobain"
General Info: I do not trade, I only buy. If I ever get a CD-R maker, whatever you call them, then I will trade those things. I doubt I will ever purchase one of those though. I am a collector of Nirvana disks. I am interested in what you have to say, I just don't have the time right now. Thank you, drive through.

Name: Katey Corrigan
Location: New Hampshire USA
Homepage: Obituary Birthday-
Claim To Fame: Annoying millions of people on a daily basis. I'm also the master mind behind '101 Useless Facts About NIRVANA', the almost-done 'NIRVANA for Dummies FAQ,' the Save Frances Bean campaign, and the planned NIRVANA site 'Moment Of Silence' this April.
Band I listen to a lot, discounting NIRVANA: REM, Sonic Youth, the Pixies, the Breeders, PJ Harvey, Belly, Radiohead, Hole, Pearl Jam. I find the Vaselines pleasantly disturbing.
Look for me: I'm taking a break, but I still post to sporadically, so you'd better watch what you say about me. I post to the HSMB on a more regular basis, and am a proud regular of AOL's Rolling Stone NIRVANA Message Board. I like to post classified ads at a lot too. E-mail me and say something smart. I love new friends almost as much as I love new enemies.
Be warned: I'm conceited and love to talk about myself. Plus, I'm a grammatical hypocrite.

Name: Mike Jewett
Alias: Dierussian, Gnopi, various others
Sex: Male
Location: Boston Mass
Age: 19
Hobbies: binge drinking, screenplays, Nirvana,
Hrmm....sounds like the handiwork of Doctor Claw
and his evil M.A.D.D. henchmen.
This post will self-destruct.
Claim to Fame: fooling Rob Holmes about the title of the jam played on 11/7/93, quoting Philip Anselmo, backstage at Pantera, about my Nirvana shirt "Wear that shirt with respect. Great artist there", will be published in a book soon, mastermind behind the "prank every teacher at school" marathon.
A.M.N. subscriber since: 10/95, not continuously
First got into Nirvana: 7/90
Band to watch for: Ookla The Mok

Name: Shane J. G. Virone
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
A.M.N Subscriber Since: 06/97
Residence: The virgin wilderness of Pennsylvania.
Sex: The doctors don't know.
Age: 17
Musical Interests: Nirvana, Screaming Trees, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Petty.
Interests/Notes/Misc: I collect Nirvana bootlegs, and a few other bands. I only need about 35 more Nirvana shows to have them all. Enjoy buying official Nirvana releases for no reason. Currently in a horrible band, and work in a hospital cafeteria feeding fat nurses. I'll be in 12th grade next year, and plan on attending Penn State.
Claim To Fame: I have a Pennyroyal Tea CD Single, and you don't.
Favourite Internet Lovers: Kris Sproul and Rob Holmes.

Name: Snoopy
Sex: Male
E-Mail address:
Homepage URL: Working On It
Interests: Guitars (3 of them), music (all kinds) & trading.

Name: Thomas Morgan
Subscriber Since: August '95
E-mail Address:
Homepage URL:
Interests: Wasting money on concerts, CDs, and guitar equipment (...did I really need the CHROME Crybaby?!?)
Favourite Bands: Nirvana, Beatles, Sonic Youth, R.E.M.
Number of A.M.N. posts (as of 5/3/98): more than 1136+ (4th all time; yr closing in on me, Justin!)
Claim To Fame: Originator of the single longest thread exclusive to A.M.N. ("Dave Got Better Since Bleach!!!")

Name:Tym Clarkin
Aliases: Abort Me, tym
Age: 17...and strung out on confusion
AMN member since: 8/97
Claim to Fame: Umm...I wrote the Dave Grohl equipment FAQ....and band's pretty good....and I also edited and directed the David Perle sex tape: "Barnyard Love"
Hobbies: guitar, bass, drums, writing cheesy pop songs, writing cheesy techno songs, writing cheesy punk songs, writing cheesy hardcore songs.....writing not so cheesy blends of all of the above and everything in between.....I have my band The Sea side project: Project 9.....and my mom has a drinking problem

Name: WHiTe VaMPiRe
Location: Deepest Depths, Pit, Hell.
Sex: Occasionally male... I usually enjoy sex whenever I can get it.
Age: 15
E-Mail address:
Homepage URL: (down for a couple of days)
People i've killed: 666 give or take 69
Favourite sex toy: Fuck stick
Sexual preference(s): Dogs, cats, llamas... hell all of the above.
Musical tastes: Nirvana, Mudhoney, Smashing Pumpkins, Metallica, Sonic Youth, Sound Garden, Offspring, NOFX, Guttermouth, Alice and Chains, ICP, Pantera. Please note that's just a brief list.
Hobbies: Music, Computers, I used to skate back when I had pavement. Hell too much to list, like you give a fuck anyway. :P
Quote(s): "I'm not racist, I hate all of you equally.", "Stuff is fun."

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