AMN members with ICQ

A lot of Nirvana fans, and AMN readers also have the chat/paging program, ICQ. This page will provide a list of names/aliases, e-mail addresses, and/or ICQ numbers of AMN members so you can add each other to your contact lists. So, submit your ICQ numbers to me, and I'll put them up ASAP. To download the latest version of ICQ, try

  • Björn Magnusson (ICQ #10304973); E-mail:

  • Brian Peterson (ICQ #7365533); E-mail:

  • Eddie Campbell (ICQ #5784528); E-mail:

  • Joe Hinchcliffe (ICQ #5072846); E-mail:

  • Josh Van Camp (ICQ #11870983); E-mail: (FMQ Business Only), (Personal)

  • Justin Slade (ICQ #2771639); E-mail:

  • Kamikaze (ICQ #8167070); E-mail:

  • Thomas Morgan (ICQ #11961693); E-mail:

  • WHiTe VaMPiRe (ICQ #346900); E-mail:

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