I would like to thank...

The Following People have helped make this FAQ what it is (so, don't blame everything on me... it's their fault too):

  • Björn Magnusson: For telling me to add "sic" to the acronyms page, and for reminding me to add a link to the newsgroup.
  • Blase Ur: Gave me suggestions for questions for the FAQ, as well as a suggestion for the Acronym page.
  • Chris Lawrence: Made a lot of suggestions for questions for the FAQ, and even wrote them for me, which saved some time. I believe he was the one who made the original suggestion of having an AMN FAQ as well.
  • Clare Lynch: Made a suggestion for a question for the FAQ.
  • David Perle: Gave me some questions to include, as well as some additional information to add to some of the existing questions.
  • Jim Hirte: Cleared up the b/w acronym (for now, at least...)
  • Joe Hinchcliffe: Gave suggestions for acronyms/abbreviations to add to the acronyms page
  • Joe Mitchell: He made the original AMN FAQ, so some of the ideas on this page are adaptions of what he had.
  • Justin Slade: This guy is so helpful, intelligent, witty, clever, humourous, etc. that it's not even funny! Thanks, man, it wouldn't be possible without you! (Ladies, I hear he's a real stud!)
  • Katey: Told me the correct acronyms for GIF and JPEG.
  • Marie: Reminded me to include LTSO in the acronym section.
  • Shane Virone: A few minor "tweeks"/corrections to the FAQ page.
  • stoney4429@aol.com: Gave me two questions to add to the FAQ page.
  • Mike: Gave me 2 acronyms I had missed.
  • Everyone who submitted any information, ICQ numbers, etc and the readers of AMN.

    E-mail me suggestions, corrections, flames, compliments, marriage proposals, whatever. This FAQ will only improve if YOU help.

    Don't be afraid to send me _any_ suggestions. Nothing is too trivial or petty for me (I am a Seinfeld fan, after all.) I am also a perfectionist, so anything from a comma or semi-colon in the wrong place, to a spelling error will be fixed, and appreciated if you tell me about it. Thanks.

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