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  • E-mail me to trade.

    All are audio, unless otherwise noted.

    For a fairly lengthy list of what hasn't been added yet, head on over to:

    I will sell tapes for $2400 each. (yes, that's my "clever" way of saying don't ask me to sell you something.)

  • Wait a minute... WHAT IS A BOOTLEG?
  • Bootleg Trading Rules
  • Nirvana List
  • Mudhoney List
  • Sloan List
  • Sonic Youth List
  • Hole List
  • Smashing Pumpkins List
  • Sweet 75 List
  • Foo Fighters List
  • Local H List
  • Wanted List
  • A List of Bands that I am interested in, but have no boots of
  • Good Traders List
  • Bad Traders List
  • Complete List in .txt form. No HTML, Setlists, comments, etc.
  • Useless Facts!
  • Over 115 Nirvana MIDI's (Plus some others)
  • Breed: The Nirvana Webring!
  • Yes, I have Conformed and am presenting a links page

    There have been bootleg traders since January 24/98.

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