We've had such overwhelming success with the fanlist, it will be converted to a fan directory instead. You can still contact people with similar interests, or, just email everyone! But if you want to be recorded as a James fan, you can join; it's not a requirement to have an email address anymore. Let's try to make this huge!

A amscdaniel@hotmail.com
Interests: sports, friends, photo.,DC
Location: va

Adrianna DDFQ04E@prodigy.com
Interests: rollerblading/gymnastics
Location: Connecticut

Alana belanger lana_11@yahoo.com
Interests: music and movies
Location: canada stanstead quebec

Alejandro (Alex) seekerofankh@hotmail.com
Interests: Writing, reading, astronomy, being always my age (16), wishing I were desired, languages (such as this), psychology, acting, music and also: WISHIN' I WOZ JAMES VAN DER BEEK OR THAT WE WERE FRIENDS, because I admire him lotz. BUT THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!! See ya, friends.
Location: San Fernando, Cádiz, SPAIN, EUROPE

Alicia McGuire mcguire5@hotmail.com
Location: Kansas

Allie allie@dawsonmail.com
Interests: Dawson's Creek, Dancing, Swimming, Writing Emails
Location: HK

Alison Alyson_117@hotmail.com
Interests: JVDB, Buffy, dancing and kick-boxing
LocationL Australia

Allison Richter alllie1@aol.com
Interests: Dawson's Creek, hockey, music, shopping, movies
Location: New York City

Amanda Arsenault amanda_1983@hotmail.com
Interests: writing, movies, music, cooking, & DC!!
Location: Maine

Amber rebma19@erols.com
Interests: dawsons, movies, guys, skiing
Location: Virginia

Amy stargoddess2021@yahoo.com
Interests: Theater, Music, Movies
LocationL Texas

Andrea purplerose143@hotmail.com
Interests: James and DC
Location: Nebraska

Anna swedette@hotmail.com
Interests: DC, shopping, dancing
Location: UK

Anna-Karin Hermansson anna_karinherman@hotmail.com
Interests: going on the internet

Anna Lee rednmary@keynet.net
Interests: music, sports and friends
Location: a crazy girl

Ashley davisash1@excite.com
Interests: sports,friends,music and watching Dawson's Creek.
Location: washington

Brandon Gress physcoblast@home.com
Interests: James Van Der Beek, Dawson's Creek, Guns and Computers
Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

Becki Becki2423@aol.com
Interests: music, dancing, etc.
Location: Cayce, South Carolina

Bobbie Jackson k318808@aol.com

carly ziegler wecd94a@prodigy.com
Interests: Dawson's Creek,basketball,skating,shopping
Location: california

Interests: Dawson's Creek, Animals, Disney
Location: London, UK

Carolyn Jones Cangel225@aol.com
Interests: dancing, singing, Dawson's Creek and anything that James Van Der Beek is in.
Location: Michigan

Casandra Rae Casandra_rae@dawsonmail.com
Interests: DC, movies, music, outdoors, chatting

Cassie Koller giggles3333@hotmail.com
Interests: Dawson's Creek and James Van Der Beek
Location: Green Bay, WI

Cecilia Inés Arancibia Roffler dulzuratoty@mixmail.com
Interests: Computers, Photographs, Cinema
Location: UBA University

chai talim ctalim@hotmail.com
Interests: tennis, shopping, partying
Location: slippery rock university

Chris venusianprincess@alloymail.com
Interests: stuff (i.e. obsessing over james)
Location: San Diego

Christine cehudson98@yahoo.com
Interests: most things
Location: Canada

Interests: James Van Der Beek and Varsity Blues, it's the best movie ever made about football
Location: Canada

dee miller dinkydee@stopdropandroll.com
Interests: literature,writing,ice skating
Location: San Jose State University

Desirae desirae22@hotmail.com
Interests: basketball
Location: Texas

DJ FREAK9236@aol.com
Interests: Mall, shopping, blading
Location: New Jersey

Dominique t'sas dominique.tsas@wanadoo.be
Interests: JVB - stayed in his house
Location: Belgium