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I Just want to say Thank You to all of you Prayer Warriors out there who Pray for these Prayer Request.

May the Lord Bless You all! Shadow6794

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9/25/01 6:05:42 PM PacificDaylight Time From: (Sherry Houston) To: (H89) Hi all, this is an update on (my coworker) Colleen's nephew, Richard, who was burned as a result of one of the planes hitting the World Trade Center towers. Several people have asked her how he is doing. The response she sent over the weekend is below. Sherry Sorry I haven't sent anything out earlier. I'll update everybody. He is doing better. He is off the respirator. Evidently he was in the street below when the plane hit and was hit by a fireball coming down. He was kneeling, crouched over, so most of his burns are on the back of his head, his back and arms. I'm hoping to go see him this weekend on a quick trip. Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts. I guess right now he really wants as little attention as possible, probably both shock and survivorís guilt. He was just told the full extent of what happened.

09-06-01 From: (mmmfwh) Please pray for my son that with the help of god he can overcome depression and live a joyous spirit filled life. Thank you for your prayers and God Bless

Date: 9/17/01 6:58:39 PM Pacific Daylight Time From: Hi all. Today we heard from a friend whose sister Karen (who is also a friend) was told today that she probably has only 3 to 6 months to live, because of breast cancer metastases to liver and lung, and possible metastasis to other organs. She has undergone chemotherapy within the last year, and had more again today. They may be taking her to M. D. Anderson next week, for treatment. Will you please Karen and her husband James, on your prayer lists at church and those online? Thanks, Sherry and Alex

9-12-01 Below is an email I received on Wednesday, from one of my coworkers, Colleen. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. I will let you know when she sends an update. Sherry Please pray for my family. One of my nephews was in NYC and was scheduled to be at an appointment at the WTC yesterday morning. No one has heard from him. My niece and her husband are in New York and are joining the thousands of others searching the hospitals and morgues. No news yet. Not knowing is hard but we are also still able to believe he is in a hospital somewhere with no ID. Thank you for all your prayers 09-14-01 Here is an update from my friend Colleen, regarding her nephew. It was sent on 9/14. Thank you all for your continued prayers. Love, Sherry Hello everyone. Well, they think they might have found him. My niece and her husband were among the thousands roaming the streets of NYC with his picture when a nurse going home told them there was a burn victim who looked something like him at Cornell Burn Center. He had no ID and hadn't been able to talk. They are on there way now.


From: Irenem369 I so need a prayer for the return of a loved one......The man i considered my soul mate left with another may say to yourself it wasn't meant to be but i feel so otherwise......I may be foolish for holding on to hope but I never loved another man and his son so deeply.....Please send to me your prayers for Mark and I...Please pray that he realizes i am the woman for him...........thanking you in advance and God bless

9-03-01 my mom is ill and in neeed if a financial miracle my sisters husband just went to the pen and i pray that he comes out a better husband and dad than he went in. my husband suffers from several mental illnesses and so does my step daughter i have become ill myself with all of this my rent is due and we are getting low on food we need a new vehicle and want to have a home of our own but credit wise and financial wise it aint gonna happen all i need now if for god to supply our need of 5000.00 tp pay bills and make it til i can work again

9-01-01 Please lift my little buddy Marcus up to the Lord in prayer, we have found out that he has Membranoproliferative GN II , also called Type 2 MPGN . To put it plan and simple his kidneys have this problem which cause them to shut down, the doctors are telling us that he will need a transplant in approx. 7 to ten years. Then there is no guarantee that it want attack his new kidneys. So please lift him up in prayer to the Lord and pass this on to all the prayer circles and groups you know of. If you want to know more about Membranoproliferative GN II just click on the hyper link Membranoproliferative GN ll If you would like to email him or send him and his mother an on-line card please email them at Marcus's Moms name is Betsy please lift her along with up in your prayers. She is going to need to be strong for him and the medical bills are very high. I am at this time trying to build a web page for Marcus and his Mom, as soon as I get it completed I will email you the http: address. God Bless you all for taking the time to pray not only this request but all the request we send you. Mark Haudenschild

9-01-01 From:CrspDv It appears that I am nearing the end of a seven year relationship within a few months. Pray that God will restore the relationship.

9-1-01 Hi, My name is Alice Albers and I live in Trenton Missouri. My husband and I have been doing foster care in our home for nearly a year, we have had a total of 29 placements in that short time and beings we are one of the few homes in our area who will accept teens, including behavorial teens, we are almost always full. As a matter of fact at this time there are three siblings waiting for us to have the space to move them into our home. We have a fairly large home, but we can only accomadate 6 children at a time, and there is no space where we can send a child to be alone when they have a need for that or where the other children can get away from one of our behavorial children when they are having a bad day. We also have a 6 year old son of our own and he too has no way of getting away from what can be a very hectec teen age routine. We are in the process of trying to find a large home for a group home so that we could manage up to 12 children at a time, and have the additional space that we so badly need. I know that God is going to provide this for us, God has called us to do this work, but the waiting is very hard, and seeing the children having to deal with some of the situations that a larger home will eleviate, plus the children that have had to and are now having to wait in bad situations just to come into our home is becoming harder everyday. Please pray that God will give me the strength to withstand the wait, and that he will provide this home soon. With Christ Love, Alice Albers

Greetings: ††††††There is a virus going around that one of my computers picked up. It is W32 MAGISTR.24876@mm. My brothers computer contracted the virus that went into his outlook express mail and mailed out to everyone on his list an e-mail with an attachment. Of course coming from my brother I thought it was all right and downloaded the file. The good thing is, I don't use outlook express so it couldn't get into my address book and also I haven't gotten any hate mail back to me so I figure you all are all right. With that said beware and be good..... By the way, there is a friend of mine that was in a car wreck a few weeks back that needs your prayers. Jock Lijoi is paralyzed from the waist down right now. As the swelling goes down and with another surgery he may get more feeling and mobility back. Please take a few moments and say a prayer for him and his family for it is a long road that they may have to travel towards recovery. † Thanks and............. God Bless, ~~Louis

Please pray for Jared. He has a 12 week old baby that he has yet to see. Please pray that his heart would be burdened and he would be broken and his eyes and heart would be open. Pray that he would come back to Christ and come and take care of the precious baby he helped create. Pray that he would be back to the loving caring person he once was. Please pray that he would open his eyes. I know that once he sees his little boy that his heart would be filled with love for him because this is the type person Jared is. He has hurt me very badly but I forgive him and still love him.

From: Caddybjt daughter Vicki walked out on her little girl Nikki 7yrs old. Nikki is in care of boy friend whos the father. He is a very poor example of a parent. Was in prison and drinks. †We are woried sick for our grandaughter safety. Nikki wants to be with grandma and grandpa. Vicki is living with another jail bird and hes on drugs. †Please pray our Lord minister to our daughter. We are praying so hard and the problems get worse. †God Bless you all. †††Brenda

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I Just want to say Thank You to all of you Prayer Warriors out there who Pray for these Prayer Request.