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What I am looking for in Best of Pod for TechBits is substance. This is not the Page Slave Pod; don't give me HTML design (although that will count sometimes); give me something that I can sink my teeth into.

This weeks Best of Pod, I chose because it had something that I had not thought about in a while, and that was prime numbers. Creativity in substance counts.

Now obviously there is a lot more that I will consider "on-topic" than I will consider to be "Best of Pod". Resumes, for instance, rarely if ever will get the Best of Pod award from me. Also pages that sell something without giving a tool away, or showing me some sort of way of doing something that I didn't know existed.

Style? Well, a little bit. If your page looks like it was put together with an etch-a-sketch, it's not going to be at the top of my list, but essentially if the links work and the style is not too apalling, I can work with it.

Well that about wraps this up. If you have been wondering where my on-topic web page is, it is coming. It essentially will be about QBASIC and Visual Basic. One other thing: I will never, never put my page on Best of Pod. I have seen others who have done it and, frankly, the practice of a poderator putting his own work out as best of pod sickens me. Until then, I will see you, out there.