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Welcome programmers from around the Tripod area

In case you are wondering what this site is about, this is about helping new programmers get together and to help them along the rocky path of programming. It is also the site where I will be learning with you, in order to help me with my own projects. I know this is weird, but bear with me folks. I have a point to this.

In case you are wondering, CLS is one of the most basic commands in BASIC programming. It tells the computer to clear the screen. I don't have any metaphorical reasons for naming this e-zine CLS. It just sonded like a hell of an idea. Metaphorically speaking, it could be a call to clear all the old ideas you have about programming out and put the new ideas in, but I'm not that metaphorical.

Anyways, keep watching this space for new developments, and keep on programming.

Updates: First off, I have become the poderator for the TechBits Pod.

My page, under the name of Kalvin Richter. It's a long story that I will explain later.

While I will keep up these pages, you may see some of them over at my Poderator page.

My beginning training with QBASIC is over, but I still will be involved with it. I will also show off my Visual Basic and C++ knowledge here later, as I learn it.

Also, I will be adding some Visual Basic Programs as well, and talking about my mistakes along the way. I hope that you enjoy them when they come onto this site.

A final note this month, if you would like to join the QBASIC ring at the bottom, please fill out the submission form and I will get it on as soon as possible.

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Want to talk? Let's talk about QBASIC.

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