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What is DJGPP

DJGPP is a freeware C/C++ compiler and a few other things. I just got into this when I wanted to avoid shelling out $100 for a compiler. So far, I've worked out the bugs, and there are some of them (hey, it's free, man, what do you expect)?

Configuring the autoexec.bat
To do this, you have to set the DJGPP and Path variables in your autoexec.bat file. Just do what the FAQ says, except put the commands at the top of your file.
the -lsdtcx.a error
If you unzip with the wrong type of unzip program you'll need to copy files files that are now wrong; e.g. "copy libstdcxx.a libstdcx.a" to shorten the filename (if you used a Windows unzip program and don't want the LFNs), or "copy libstdcx.a libstdcxx.a" to lengthen it (if you used a DOS unzip program but still want to use LFNs). Credit for that one.
Can't compile C++ programs
To get out of that one, set the LFN option to y in your DJGPP.ENV
Unforutnately, that was my first project. I'll show you my other projects as they go along.

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DJGPP stuff

DJGPP: Get everything here

Kalvin Richter
Pueblo, CO
United States