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    I like Linux. I mean I really like it. It consumes copious amounts of my free time. I like to fiddle with it, tweak it, and just use it. I also enjoy all kinds of technology and eventually this page will reflect that.

I run Mandrake as my Linux distribution of choice and it's served me well so I would recommend it to anyone.

You'll notice that on the right I have seemingly no Family or Friends. It's not entirely true I just chose to use that space to add more Linux links because that's my perogative. Now get off my back!

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This would be the section where I list Linux links.


Here are some other pages that you might enjoy. All tech related.


Did I mention Linux. Oh yeah, I think I did. I also like to build computers and I'm on my way to medical school in the fall. The best things about going to med school in Omaha, Nebraska is the internet access is faster than Wayne, Nebraska.

On a side note I used to have a Linux Users Group page in this spot but I trashed it because it never garnered much attention. What made me think a page about me would garner any is beyond the comprehension of even nobel laureates.

I have this to say, "Screw the RIAA and the CCA!" Distribute the source of deCSS to as many damn people as you can because information wants to be free!

Lastly, try not to use any Microsoft products because they're generally bug addled and crippled so that you cannot use your computer to it's full capacity. Thank you for your time.
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