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Well this page is for all the latest news and stuff I can get my hands on. If anyone can help out then feel free to email me at

A couple of weeks ago I was looking through the New Idea and I discovered an article on Martin Sacks. To my horror i discovered that he had proposed to Kate Allen, his long time girlfriend of 2 years, and she accepted. It has not been announced yet when the wedding is but I am hoping to find out soon.

William McInnes had another daughter about 3 months ago I think and unfortunetly wants to leave Blue Heelers cause he thinks that acting and stardome just isn't for him.

Unfortunetly all the actors on the show are only signed on until the end of 1998, so that means that any of them could leave. The good news is that Lisa said that she wouldn't leave for awile as she like the progress of the show and as long as she wakes up in the moring and can go to work and enjoy what she is doing then she has no intention of leaving the show.

200th episode is coming near!!!!!

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