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The Coalition Character Roster
Characters are the life-blood of any good story. Below are the characters that The Coalition players are using to explore the strange world that is swirling about them.They are, incidentally, listed alphabetically by surname, not importance or skill.

Jade Capstone
Jade spent her early years growing up in Japan while her father served as colonel in the US Army. Jade's mother, a captain in the army had died in a flight training exercise when Jade was 2. Col. Capstone thought that his daughters should follow their mother's footsteps and be well versed in the martial arts, and so he began instructing Jade and her sister Alex from an early age.

When Jade was 13, the family returned to the US. By that time, Jade had shown an incredible talent for the martial arts, but very little talent for social interaction. She was bounced from one private girl's school to another, always being asked to leave because of her "poor social skills and anti-social behavior"

Throughout her teenage years, Jade was alienated and lonely, because she was always moving from one boarding school to another, she had very little opportunity to make lasting friendships. She developed an incredibly strong bond with her sister, who experienced none of the same social problems, but who was constantly ridiculed by their father for her lack of discipline. Alex developed a strong faith in Christianity, following her mother's ethos.

Alex had shown an uncanny ability with computers, and began practicing "economic justice" during her spare time, stealing from the electronic accounts of the rich and donating the money to worthy causes. Whenever Jade was home for a few weeks after being "withdrawn" from another school, she would learn hacking from her sister.

Years later, when Jade's father was killed during secret US operations in Central America, Jade became disillusioned with the government which she blamed for the deaths of both her parents. She began to explore "militia" groups, but found their members to be a bunch of stupid yokels with lots of talk, but little brains.

Jade was recruited by the coalition because of her martial arts and computer skills. She is wary of the coalition, and hates the US government because of her parents' deaths.

At last report, Alex lived in New York, and worked for the UN in a "social justice" capacity.

Jade is 5'9, 120 pounds, long blonde hair usually in a pony tail, She wears lots of black clothes, usually of the casual sort, but has on occasion worn more risque ensembles.

She doesn't care if you like her or not, she'll still crash your hard drive and kick your ass

Chester Carmine Dugan JR
Chester Carmine Dugan JR. was born in Schaumburg Illinois, November 10th, 1960. He was a bright boy with a fierce curiosity, but a rather short attention span. At an early age he developed a penchant for practical jokes, and by middle school, after exhausting such prank staples as whoopie cushions and prank phone calls, he had begun inventing his own pranks.

In high school, Dugan spent a brief stint writing for his high-school newspaper. However, he soon realized that the school establishment would never allow him to print the kinds of stories he was really interested in, so he started an underground newspaper called The Tell-All. Soon the whole school knew who was pregnant, who had v.d., and where to go to score primo marijuana.

When not digging for stories, Dugan spent most of his time chasing girls. One of his targets, a cute little number named Marie, was a die-hard drama queen, so Dugan auditioned for a play she was in and landed the role. After he had dispensed of Marie, Dugan found that he didn't want to quit acting. He had a natural talent that his friends claimed came from his years of lying.

Upon graduation, Dugan attended Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, double majoring in drama and journalism. He spent most of his college years drunk and/or stoned, but managed to slip through due to a carefully selected schedule of easy classes. He spent most of his sober hours writing for the school paper, and he built an impressive portfolio of hard hitting investigative pieces.

A year after receiving his diploma, Dugan was hired by the Chicago Tribune as a society reporter. Within two years, he had made enough of a name for himself that he was transferred to the news desk. Dugan spent seven years as an investigative reporter for the Tribune, pursuing his stories with a dogged determination and unusual investigative style. He would routinely employ disguises to help him ferret out information, and was an early hacker and cracker, violating computer systems and tapping phone lines to obtain information.

When Dugan uncovered a Chicago alderman's cross-dressing predilections in 1992, the alderman sued the Tribune for libel. Dugan's editors, long suspicious of his methods, and rather tired of his smart-assed attitude, fired him and settled the lawsuit out of court. The unemployed reporter found himself a pariah in the world of journalism, and to make matters worse, began to receive death threats from supporters of the outed alderman.

Dugan dealt with the anonymous threats by purchasing a gun and joining a shooting club, but found the problems with his reputation less easy to deal with. He remained out of work for nearly two years, and was forced to sell his car and house and move into an apartment.

In 1992, Dugan was approached on the street by a man who identified himself only as Mr.. Brown, who claimed to have an exceptional job opportunity for the unemployed reporter. Over dinner at a nearly empty diner, Mr.. Brown offered Dugan a job writing for the Weekly World Scoop, the seediest, most outlandish tabloid in America. Dugan was ecstatic at the thought of a regular paycheck, but Mr.. Brown interrupted him before he could accept the offer. Brown explained that the Weekly World Scoop generally did not employ any real reporters, that it was in fact a complete work of fiction, with nearly every story dreamed up by a staff of four writers. However, three years previously, Mr.. Brown's unnamed employers had arranged for one of their employees, a journalist named Mary McCloud, to join the staff of the Scoop. The purpose? So that they could have a reporter in a position to release true stories in a venue that no one of importance deemed credible. McCloud's job, Mr.. Brown explained, was to investigate matters of interest to her employers, and, at their discretion, see that a slightly altered version of what she discovered saw print in the laughably unbelievable Weekly World Scoop. In this way, Mr.. Brown and Ms. McCloud's employers insured that the story's would never be given credence. After all, only fools and madmen believed what was printed in the Scoop...

Ms McCloud performed her duties admirably, according to Mr.. Brown, but died unexpectedly while performing an investigation. Mr.. Brown asked Dugan to take her place. Dugan accepted.

Dugan has been performing investigations for the Coalition now for six years. As a "staff writer" for the Weekly World Scoop, he's expected to submit ten fictitious stories a week, which other members of the Coalition write for him, freeing up his valuable talents for more important matters. He loves being a member of the Coalition. To him, it is the ultimate practical joke - he gets to learn the secrets that the most powerful people in the world want to keep hidden, making them realize that maybe they're not as powerful as they think.

When investigating a case, Dugan employs all the tricks that got him fired from the Tribune. He loves disguises, and making up ludicrous fake names. Quite frankly, he gets his jollies making fools out of people who are arrogant and/or mean. Bullies of every stripe are favorite targets.

Dugan's faced his fair share of danger while being a Coalition member, and it's not his favorite part of the job as he has a well developed sense of self-preservation. He's not a coward, but he doesn't like to place himself in danger unnecessarily (although he's so curious, he often can't avoid it) He packs a gun, a .38 special, but has seldom fired it while working on a case. He prefers to find out what he needs to know and disappear before the bullets start flying.

Those who don't know Dugan well might think that he's not serious about his work, but nothing could be farther from the truth. His innate sense of curiosity combined with his belief that his work is important make him a fiercely committed investigator. However, his irreverent attitude masks his devotion to his work. Some say that Dugan is the only member of the Coalition with a decent sense of humor. Dugan would say they're right.

Physically, Dugan stands 6' 2" tall. He's got long arms and a loping gait, and a growing paunch around his belly. He's in decent health, but his age is starting to show. His thin black hair has receded to nearly the top of his head and is peppered with gray. His slightly rounded face retains a boyish, honest look. He's of average strength, but is fairly quick on his feet, which helps when he's engaging in his favorite sport, basketball. His hands are huge, with long, surprisingly nimble fingers. When not in disguise, he dresses in jeans and sweatshirts.

Note: Dugan's parents are both dead, and he has no brothers or sisters. He's made plenty of people unhappy while investigating them for the Coalition, but has no sworn enemies (that he knows of...). The threats he received after outing the Chicago alderman have died down long ago. His friends are his Coalition co-workers, although he spends most of his free time chasing anything in a skirt (except for the alderman :) )

Charles Garcia

Charles is one of the few remaining members of the Tabulus Roseta, an hermetic order dedicated to removing the scourge of Reality from this existance. His organization was wiped out durring an attack from The Simezian Order. Fleeing for his life, Charles Ended up in remote China, where he abandoned his old Art, and learned of a more powerful force : The In Ovo.

Studying dierectly from the wisdom of the Lieneage Holder of Calabarian Mysticism, Charles quickly attained a level of knowledge few from the west had ever dreamed of. Charles had gained the knowledge to flux Reality, Imagination, and Unreality into one cohesive and directive power. The only limits to such sorcery were the creatures living just on the other side of this thin wall.

When the Simezian Order tracked down his location, Charles fled. His meeting with the Coalition was by chance (or so he thinks) and more than slightly lucky. The Coalition asked him to join as an advisor and occasional agent in return for destroying the Simezian Order, a thorn in the Coalition’s side for some time. The deal was made, and Charles is one of three humans left in this Reality with the knowledge of Calabarian Mysticism.

Winter Morgan
Winter Morgan is an investigator and telepath. From the time she was 5, and her insights into other people's thought could no longer be explained away, she has been trained by the Coalition as an investigator. She's been assigned to screen potential new applicants as well as follow-up after the police and federal agents have done their investigation, to get the "real story." She's been sent to interview said officers and agents to "see what they really know." Winter removes the guess work, and in her line of work, that's the ultimate trump card.

The Coalition is Winter's entire life. She's at home with her ability, but doesn't take it for granted. Her upbringing in the Coalition as a tool has led her to probe first and think about the consequences later, which makes it impossible for her to have a relationship; something that is on her mind quite a lot these days. She has not advanced very far in her life with the Coalition due to her ability. There are too many secrets that she would be privy to, and too many duplicitous people who would be exposed. She has been used as a pawn for most of her life in the internal power struggle, which has led her to defy those she doesn't personally approve of.

She'll argue and give voice to her opinions regardless of difference in rank. This has made her both friends and enemies....

Winter is 5'6", 120 lbs with auburn hair and eyes the color of swamp water: green and murky. There's a lot of living in those 26 year-old eyes. She has shoulder-length hair and she usually wears it up and out of the way.

Winter is loyal to the Coalition, but she doesn't feel like she has to tell them everything. She's no robot and has been used by them enough times to feel like she needs to protect herself. She's not overt about it and it's almost always for her own protection. She's no blackmailer and she is not ambitious. It's just that this lifestyle is ALL she knows and doesn't know what she would do if she were to leave, if she even could.

As far as Winter knows her parents died and she doesn't remember anything before she was 5 years old. Her earliest memory is of getting on a plane and travelling from New York to Los Angeles. She remembers being shown the cockpit and that the stewardesses took extra special care of her, but that's about it. She's never met anyone in the Coalition who knows otherwise, but then again, she wouldn't have been probing for anything like that, not being suspicious about that. She accepts it as fact (whether it's true or not).

Kyle Stafford
Kyle Stafford was recruited by the Coalition because of an incredibly rare meta-genetic flaw. Kyle is a conduit for magical energies. Any mana that is being used or has a strong aura causes Kyle to fall into violent epileptic-like fits. The Coalition has literally rewired his brain in such a way that Kyle simply falls into a temporary state of catalepsy as the electronics in his head send out a single to recievers that his fellows often cary. He will (a second or two later) be able to act but with extreme difficulty.

Kyle’s abilities as a thief are what got him into trouble in the first place. On what he thought was a routine mission from his employer (Fast Eddie Lo) Kyle was wracked with spasm. He fell (litteraly) into the hands of a group of sorcerers known as the Eaters of the Lotus. They used him for quite a while, whipping him into place with the occasional burst of mana. When the Coalition tore through the coven because they were getting too powerful, they discovered Kyle.

The Coalition nursed Kyle back to health after they rescued him and (as mentioned before) fixed his little magik problem. The major side effects to this rewiring of Kyle’s brain was a severe decrease in common sense. Of course, Kyle wasn’t the most sensible man in the first place.

When Kyle worked for Fast Eddie Lo (a gangster in Chinatown) he learned many things -- the con and how to shoot a gun for example. One thing he did not learn was how to treat women. Kyle has never been overly adept with the ladies, and his time with Eddie made it even worse. The brain chopping didn’t help either. When it comes to women Kyle is absolutely clueless. He couldn’t pick up a woman if his life depended on it. Because of this, any woman who comes on to Kyle can more or less get him to do anything she wants. This has, on more than one occasion, gotten Kyle into lots of dangerous trouble.

Physical Description
Race : Chinese
Sex : Male
Age : 23
Height : 5’3
Weight : 105lb
Hair : Black
Eyes : Black
Markings : ‘69’ing scorpions on the small of his back, scar on inside left arm from wrist to elbow
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