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The Coalition Players
Here they are, split open like a rotting melon and waiting for your inspection. These are the people playing in the Coalition PBeM. I love them all like they were my sons' and daughters' pet fish.

Winter Morgan is played by

Charles Dugan is player by
Jim Roof is a gamer currently living in Atlanta, GA. He began role-playing in the early 80's, and hasn't managed to quit yet. He's glad that the world he lives in isn't quite as wacky as the world of The Coalition. When he needs a good laugh, he trots down to the grocery store and picks up a copy of the Weekly World News. His biggest hope for the game is that his character doesn't die horribly.

Charles Garcia is played by [address widtheld by request]
Charles is played by a person who, for whatever reasons, would like to remain anonymous. Pretty spooky if you ask me [.ed]

Kyle Stafford is played by
Dale (your loving GM) Houston has been playing RPGs for way too long. But, as Charles Lindberg used to say : What the Hell, it beats a game of cards. He is currently running this PBeM. You can find out all sorts of goodies about him by jetting back to his homepage.

Jade Capstone is played by sboyd@lamar.ColoState.EDU
Shaun Boyd has been a drain on society since 1973. After a long period in which nothing really significant happened to her, Shaun attended high school in her hometown of Charles City, Iowa where she became involved in "the great soap opera." After attending Cornell College in Iowa, she decided that she didn't feel nearly stupid or poor enough so she went to graduate school. She is currently searching desperately for a job in the so called "real world." She lives in Ft. Collins, Colorado with a really cool cat named Pharaoh and a who makes her watch endless episodes of "Christie" every morning.

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