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The Administrative page
The Coalition

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Down below is the collected administrative works for this game.

Character Creation

Use the standard (more or less) rules in FUDGE for creation. Here are the guidelines.

The levels : (I like a few more than the basic rules)

Fair (average)

pick out up to 8 attributes.
All attributes begin at OK.
8 free levels, max 2 great.

skills :
no limit on number of skills.
All skills start out at bad.
20 free levels, max 1 amazing!, 2 fantastic.
(up to 2 amazing! with cool story bit + GM ap.
up to 3 fantastic with groovy story bit + GM ap.)

gifts : 1 free gift with GM approval
faults : 1 fault = 1 gift,
2 attribute levels,
or 6 skill levels

supernatural powers (psi, magic, etc) : cost 2 gifts.

cool stuff : character may have an extra powerful / highly dangerous / really wierd item. Cost : a cool story bit (separate from the background) and GM approval.

background [most important part] : as long or as short as you like. Should include how/why you are in the Coalition, any other odd/secret organizations you belong to and why, and justification for skills, powers, gifts and all that. Donít forget to include friends/enemies/family, a physical description, and any goals the character may have.

headline [really cool, but not neccesary] : a headline from a newspaper/magazine article, some of the article, and then what REALLY happened from your character's perspective.

Character Types :
you can pick nearly anything. a few ideas :

X-Special Ops agent
A police detective that found out 'too much'
a Psi that has been trained from birth by the Coalition
an occultist seeking a former . . . 'companion'
you get the idea. . .

Admin Things

Turns will be processed every 1 - 2 weeks.
Each turn posting should include 5 d100 rolls or (if you have them) 5 5dF rolls.
Subject formating : Coalition [name] : Turn #.x

Dice : You can use the rolling engine at Shadow Dice.
Everything there is self explanitory, but enter this in the message window : [5F] [5F] [5F] [5F] [5F]
after the rest of your message. (thanks Lafe!)
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