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The Family of Victor Stievenart

The Belgian Flag

My Great-grandfather, Victor Stievenart, immigrated from Belgium to the United States. The following is the history of his family as I have been able to piece it together. I will be adding to the website as I gather more information.

I have also added a link to the bottom of this page for the Grant side of my family.

In 1893, Victor Stievenart (age 55), his wife Florentine (DeCamp) Stievenart (age 52), along with their 3 children, sailed from Antwerp, Belgium for a new life in the United States.
Victor was the son of Peter & Alberta Stievenart. He was born March 19, 1838.
The 3 children were Victor Joseph "Joe" (age 25), Gustave (age 23), and Julia (age 19).

They traveled to the United States on the Red Star Line's ship "Waesland". They arrived in New York on December 16, 1893 and were processed through Ellis Island on December 19, 1893.

The Waesland

Victor and his family settled in Brazil, Clay County, Indiana. Victor and his sons were coal miners by trade. Joseph later took a course in surveying, and became a mine surveyor in Clay County and the surrounding area.

Victor & his wife moved to Paw Paw, Mich. in 1916 to live with their son, Gustave. After his wife's death, Victor moved back to West Terre Haute, In. to live with his daughter, Julia.
Victor Stievenart passed away in 1924�, and is buried at Bethesda Cemetery in West Terre Haute, Indiana.
�(I recently found a State website that lists his death as 2-11-22. The tombstone lists the date as 1924.)

Florentine Stievenart was born September 27, 1840. It is unclear if she was born in France or Belgium. She was raised in Belgium, and was married to Victor in 1863. She was of the Hugenot religion and was a decendant of the Hugenot family. Not being able to find her own church in America, she joined the Methodist-Episcopal Church. In 1916, she and Victor moved to Paw Paw, Mi. where they resided with their son, Gustave. About six weeks after moving to Michigan, she became ill, and passed away on April 17, 1916. She was 75 yrs. 6 mos. 20 days old. Florentine is buried in the Prospect Cemetery in Paw Paw, Michigan.

Gustave, (7/3/1870-7/14/1936), married Lida McIntosh, November 24, 1900 in Clay Co. (Brazil), In. They eventually moved to Paw Paw, Michigan. He worked for General Motors. He is buried in Flint, Mi.
Lida was born in Hull Province, Quebec, Canada on June 5, 1873. She had two sisters, Rebecca McConnell and Sadie McIntosh, both of Harrop, British Columbia. She also had two brothers, Alex of Detroit, Michigan and Isaac of Terre Haute, Indiana. Lida passed away at the home of G.A. Hawkins (son of sister-in-law Julia Stievenart), 120 W. Rankin St., Flint, Michigan. She was 63 years old.

Julia, born May 14, 1876, married Alfred E. Delattre on December 19, 1907 in Brazil, Indiana. Julia was married a total of 3 times, and later moved from West Terre Haute, In. to Michigan. She is buried in Flint, Mi.

Victor Joseph (1868-8/18/1954), or "Joe" (as he was known), married Louise Urbain (1878-5/4/1964) January 30, 1901 in Clay Co. (Brazil), Indiana. Louise Urbain was the daughter of Maxmillian and Julia Stephanie (Coleman) Urbain.

Maxmillian Urbain was born in France. He married Julia Stephanie Coleman, daughter of Fred Coleman and Charlotte Ceigon. Julia was born May 16, 1837 in France, and died August 13, 1921 in Brazil, Clay Co., In..� Julia Stephanie (Coleman) Urbain is buried at Cottage Hill Cemetery, Brazil, In.�

The Urbain's had immigrated to the U.S. on July 19, 1881 from France and arrived in the U.S on Aug. 11, 1881. They sailed from Antwerp, Belguim. They traveled to the U.S. on the ship "Switzerland". Louise was 2 yrs. old at the time they arrived in the United States. The Urbain's were also coal miners by trade. Louise had 7 brothers and sisters. They were: Hariett age 18, Julia, age 16, Pauline age 11, Alfred age 10, _____ age 7, ______ age 4, and Maximila age 9 mos.
She was born in Marle, France. The Urbain's settled in "Stringtown", the French section of Brazil, Indiana.

Joe & Louise (pronounced Louisa) had 4 children.
They were Earl, Gustave "Gus", Ernest and Louise.
Note: It is noted that Louise's name is spelled "Louisa" on the marriage records & the farm property records. I beleive this is a mis-spelling of her name because of the pronunciation.

They lived on a small farm just north of Brazil, Indiana, on the east of State Road 59, approx. 3/4 mi. north of Hendricks St. The records indicate the "farm" when purchased contained 1 acre and was 3245' north of Hendricks & was 1100' east of State Rd. 59 with an easement of 15' running down the north side of the property. They purchased the property June 7, 1902 and paid $300. They eventually would harvest around 10 acres of tomatoes from the farm, and sell them to the local tomato processing plant. Joe also sold plants & vegetables from his green house on the farm to supplement his income from the mines.

On March 4, 1925, Joe & Louise purchased a home at 611 S. Alabama Street in Brazil. They bought the 2 bedroom home from Clifton & Edith Clingerman for the sum of $2,050.

Joe passed away in 1954 at the age of 86, and Louise passed away in 1964 at the age of 86. Both are buried in Cottage Hill Cemetery in Brazil, Indiana.

Victor Joseph & Louise Urbain Stievenart's children:

Earl (8/18/1901-12/11/71) (wife - Bessie Church) was in sales and was also a minister. He lived in Terre Haute, In. Earl & Bessie had 3 children. Earl & Bessie are buried at Union Cemetery south of Brazil.

Ernest (12/17/1902-11/29/1956) (wife - Marguerite Plumb) was a truck driver. He lived in Brazil and they had 7 children. Ernest & Marguerite are buried at Cottage Hill Cemetery in Brazil, In.

Gustave "Gus" (3/14/1909-1976) (wife - Luella Church) was in supervision at General Motors in Flint, Mi. He lived in Swartz Creek, Mi. Gus & Louella had 2 children. Gus & Louella are buried at Flint, Mi.

Louise (7/11/1911-1970) (husband - Harry Bennett Grant, 1911-1954) was a homemaker. Harry worked for Guide Lamp Div., General Motors Corp. and was very active in Local 663, UAW. Harry was one of the orginizers of the "Sit Down" strike in the 1930's that helped Unionize the plant.
They lived in Anderson, In. and had 1 child (me!). Louise & Harry are buried at East Maplewood Cemetery in Anderson, In.

Earl, Ernest, Gustave and Louise's children:

Earl's 3 children are: Gloria(deceased)-husband Wm. Payton, Lois Ann(deceased)-husband Garth Sibert and Linda (husband-Richard Gearhart). Gloria & Lois are buried at Union Cemetery.

Ernest's 7 children are: Betty (deceased)-husband Harry Winn, Frances-husband Bob Deckard (deceased), Ernestine-husband-Don Bolton (deceased), Charlotte-husband Dick McKasson (deceased), Janet (deceased 1936-1956)-husband Gene Shaner, Victor (wife-Karen) and John "Jack" (wife-Marcia).

Gustave's "Gus" 2 children are: Joseph "Joe" (wife-Doris) and Mary Luella (husband-Lymon Green).
Joe was always known as "Little Joe",so as not be confused with Grandpa "Joe".

Louise's child is: Jack Joseph Grant (wife-Denise)

**NOTE: All of the male grandchildren of Victor Joseph Stievenart has either "Victor or Joseph" as a first or middle name.

The Great-grandchildren
V.J. & Louise Urbain Stievenart

This page would have been impossible to make without the help of my cousin, Mary L. Green. Mary Lou spent countless hours pouring through records for some of the above information.

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