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The Family of Henry Grant

I have not been able to gather a lot of information about the Grant side of my family. I have decided to include it, at least for now, with my Mother's information. If I am able to gather more information, I will add a second website for the Grant's.

The Swedish Flag

My Great-grandfather, John Grant, was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1845 or 1846. It is unknown exactly when he imigrated to this country. He was a farm-hand by occupation. He was married to Matilda Osborne.
Matilda was born in Stockholm, Sweden, Nov. 30, 1852. She came to the U.S. in 1872. She was a housekeeper. It is assumed that they were married when they came to this country. John & Matilda had nine children:
Emma (Grant) Freed, Hilda (Grant) Mack, Henry, Oscar, Charles, Ida (Grant) Mandigo, Maude (Grant) Allison, Ester (Grant) Chinworth and George.

They lived in Lafayette, Indiana until 1904, then moved to Seyberts, Indiana. They are believed to have lived in Seyberts for 9 years before moving to Shipshewana, Indiana.

Both John & Matilda are listed as being buried in Sidener Cemetery, Van Buren Twp., Lagrange Co. Indiana. The records indicate John was born in 1845, and died in 1909. They indicate Matilda was born in 1852, and died in Jan. 30, 1924.

Henry (b. 1877) & Ida Mae Bennett Grant were married 9-16-02 (location unknown) and had 7 children.

Ida was the daughter of a George Bennett and Ella Burk.
Ida had 5 brothers and sisters. They were: Edward, Elmer, Ernie, Ella and Carry. Edward was born in Lafayette, Indiana, but I have no information on the others. It is also noted, that according to records, Ida had been previously married to a Jacob Eberle.....a Menonite, in Tippecanoe County of Indiana.

Henry & Ida lived in Anderson, Indiana. Henry was employed at Hayes Pole & Shaft, and later by a roof manufacturing company in the boiler room as a fireman. Henry also worked at several other unknown jobs. They resided on W. 10th St. and also on W. 2nd St.

After Ida died in the 1930's, Henry moved to the White Pigeon/Sturgis, Michigan area. He later moved back to Anderson and lived with his daughter Lucille and son Henry, in a small house at the rear of 525 W. Vinyard St. His residence was behind the home of Harry (then deceased) and Louise Grant.
Below is a link to an 1890's photo of John Grant and family. Henry is pictured in the top row, 3rd from the left.

Grant Family Photo

Henry & Ida's children:

Alta "Det", husband: Orless Dunn & lived in Muncie, In. They had three daughters.

Lucille, husband: Howard Munyon and had one son, Mark. She lived in Anderson, In. Lucille retired from Container Corp.

Edward, was married twice. Names ??. He had 3 adopted sons, Robert, Owen, Richard Syverson. He lived in Anderson, In. Ed worked for American Playground Device.

Helen, husband: Max Fuqua. She had one son, Tom Grant. They lived in Anderson, In.

Harry B. Grant, 1911-1954, was born in Scott, Indiana. Wife: Louise Stievenart, they had one They lived in Anderson, In. Harry worked for Guide Lamp Corp of GM. Harry was very active in the UAW-CIO Local 663. He had been involved in the "Sit Down" strike at Guide, and was one of the original organizers of the union.
Here is a pic of Louise and their son, Jack, taken at Shadyside Park, Anderson in about 1950.

Jack, wife: Jean. Children..I believe 2 sons?? They lived in Anderson, then Hamilton Co., In. near Noblesville.

Henry E., never married, lived in Anderson, In. Henry worked for American Playground Device.

Harry & Louise's son, Jack Grant, now lives in Anderson, IN. He is retired. Jack has one son, Brandon. Brandon Grant, his wife Diane, and their daughter, Lauren live in Chesterfield, IN.

NOTE: Much of the above information was provided to me by my cousin, Tonya Grant and an annonymous source.
Thanks to both!!