Chakras and Yoga Postures

The crown chakra, the 7th chakra, is called Sahasrara which means thousandfold. It is located at the top of the head or actually, just above the top of the head. The element that this represents is Thought and it's manifestation is information. It's function is understanding and the psychological state that it creates is bliss.

The verb that corresponds to this chakra is "I know".

The glands affected by this chakra are the pituitary. Other body parts are the cerebral cortex and the central nervous system. When this chakra malfunctions it can result in depression, alienation, confusion, boredom, apathy, and the inability to learn or comprehend.

The color for this chakra is sometimes thought to be a shimering white. Other texts also say violet. There is no sound to chant for this chakra. Meditate with silence.

Along with silence, there is no food associated with the chakra. Rather, fasting feeds this chakra since consciousness is not dependent on food.

The metal associated with the 7th chakra is gold. It's planet is Uranus. Gemstones are amethyst and diamond. Herbs are lotus and Gotu Kola.

The yogic path is meditation.

To stimulate the crown chakra, try the headstand. Also meditation in full or half lotus. Yoga mudra from a seated position with the crown of your head resting on the floor instead of the forehead is also suggested.

(I can't do a headstand, but I can do yoga mudra from a seated postion and let the crown of my head touch the floor. I can visualize doing a headstand. That might work, too.)

With the discovery and the opening of the 7th chakra, we transend from the physical to something beyond....a greater consciousness. After all, we are not our bodies, but our minds and souls. We are part of the collective consciousness. We are part of the Great Spirit.

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