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Chain of Command currently under review June 2012

Altair Planetary System
Delta Quadrant Military Alliance
"Genetically bred for Battle"

"There is something,....someone in the Delta Quadrant that even the Borg fear"
We are that Someone!!

United Federated Planets

"We are the Thorns that the Federation dares not tread upon"

Home world - Altair 7


United Federated Planets

The Altair Planetary System Is a chartered chapter of the UNITED FEDERATED PLANETS (UFP).
The UFP is an international Star Trek Club, based in Oklahoma City, USA
The UFP is primarily a Star Trek driven club, but all types of science fiction are included.

Command Staff

Fleet Admiral John Winchester.............Supreme Commander - Delta Quadrant Combined Military Forces/
Fleet Admiral - Altair Planetary System Fleet

(Open)Fleet Vice Admiral.....Vice Commander - Delta Quadrant Combined Military Forces

(Open) Lt.General...............Commandant - Altair Fleet Marine Commandant

(Open)Major General...............Commander - Altair Army Mobile Infantry

(Open)Major General...............Commander - Altair Orbital Guard

Commodore Russ Wolfe......Altair 7 Fleet Shipyard Commander

(Open)...RADM.....Altair Merchant Marine Fleet Commander (All Commercial Vessels)

(Open) Captain..........Altair 7 Fleet Shipyard Vice Commander


(Open) Commodore........Altair Tactical Operations & Planning Commander

(Open).......Senior Fleet Captain of the Combined Fleet / Chief of Staff

(Open)...Captain.....Fleet Reserves Commander / Co-ordinator

(Open)...Captain.....Altair Military Forces Fleet Chief Engineer

   LtCmdr Drew Winchester.........Altair Fleet SeaBee Commander
  LtCol Jeff Smith.................Altair Army Regimental Combat team/ Ranger Commander/
                                       Chief of Staff - Altair Orbital Guard

Command Duties


Altair Planetary System Fleet

Altair History, and Shipyard Command

Bureau of Fleet Development (Shipyards)

Altair Planetary System Homeworld

Altair Planetary System Operations

The Daily Planet Newsletter

Altair Military Academy Officer Command College

Altair Planetary System - Planetary Fleet
Delta Quadrant Military Alliance
Home World - Altair 7
United Federated Planets

Delta Quadrant Military Alliance Forces Chain Of Command

Delta Quadrant Supreme Commander - Senior Fleet Admiral
Delta Quadrant Vice Commander - Senior Admiral or Marine General
Planetary System Commander - Fleet Admiral
Planetary System Vice Commander - Admiral or Marine General
Planetary System Fleet Commander - Fleet Admiral
Planetary System Fleet Vice Commander - Admiral or Vice Admiral
Planetary System Fleet Marine Corps Commandant - Lt. General
Planetary System General of the Army - Major General
Planetary System Orbital Guard - Rear Admiral or Major General

Battle Group:
Battle Group Commander - Admiral or Vice Admiral or Marine Lt. General or Marine Maj. General
Battle Group Vice Commander - Commodore or Fleet Captain (in the absence of commodore)
Battle Group Tactical Operations Commander - Fleet Captain or Above
Battle Group 1 Flagship U.S.S. Saratoga Commander - Commodore or Above
Fleet Starship Captain -  Lt. Commander or above
Fleet starship Executive Officer - Lt Commander

Marine Commander of  Combined Air and Ground Forces (Marine, Army, Navy) - Marine Maj. General
Marine Air Wing Commander - Brig. General
Marine Ground troop Commander - Brig. General
Army Ground Troop Commander - Brig. General
Marine Air Group Commander - Lt. Colonel or  Colonel
Navy Air Group Commander - Commander or Captain
Navy SeaBee Battalion - Commander
Squadron Commander - Marine Major or Navy Lt. Commander
Squadron Pilot - Marine 2nd Lt. to Captain or Navy Ensign to Lt. 

All Ships Command Structure are Navy Ranks or Bridge Qualified Marine Officers

Individual Ship Command Structure is as follows:

Science Officer - Lt. Commander to Commander
Chief Engineer - Lt. Commander to Commander
Tactical/Weapons Officer - Lt. to Lt. Commander
Communications Officer - Lt.JG to Lt.
Chief of Security - Lt.JG to Lt. Commander
Chief of Intelligence - Lt. to Lt. Commander
Legal Officer - Lt.JG to Lt. Commander
Chief Medical Officer - Lt. to Commander

Civilian Military Alliance Science Vessels:

Captain -  Merchant Starship Academy / Qualified Deep Space
First Officer - Merchant Starship Academy / Qualified Deep Space
Navagator - Merchant Starship Navagator Academy /Deep Space Qualified
Science Officer - Delta Institute of Technology / PHD in Space Related Subjects
Crew - Merchant Starship Crewman Academy

Individual Officers may be Breveted ( Honorary and or Temporary ) to a higher rank due to the requirements
of Fleet and or Battle Group Staffing needs.
SUPREME COMMANDER....Fleet Admiral John Winchester 

Delta Quadrant Military Alliance
United Federated Planets
Altair Military Governor

Stardate 0708.00

Military Governor Altair Planetary System - John Winchester
Military Deputy Governor Altair Planetary System - (Open)
Military Governor Altair 7
Military Deputy Governor Altair 7

Home Office:

Department of Planetary Development ( on World )
Department of Planetary Justice ( High Court )
Department of Planetary Investigation ( Police )
Department of Scientific Research ( On World )
Krell Scientific Research
Krell Technology Research
Department of Interstellar Trade and Commerce ( Includes Commercial Interstellar Fleet )
Department of the Interior
Department of Transportation
Department of the Admiralty:
Admiral of Delta Quadrant Planetary Fleets ( Commander of all Delta Quadrant Military Forces )
Admiral of Altair System Planetary Fleets ( Commander of all Altair System Military Forces )
Admiral of Altair 7 Planetary Fleets ( Commander of all Altair 7 Military Forces )
Commander of Delta Quadrant Planetary Fleets is an elected position. To be elected to this position, the
Commander must already hold the rank of Commodore, Marine Brigadier General or above. This Position
is for a term of one year.
Bureau of Fleet Development:
Department of Naval Design and Architecture
Department of Weapons Design and Development
Department of Naval Starship Construction
Naval Space systems command:
Department of logistics
Department of Plans and Strategy
Department of Ground Troop Deployment:
Department of Fleet Marine Force
Department of the Army Mobile Infantry

Foreign Office:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Military Liasons
Trade and Commerce Liasons
Department of Colonization
Department of Planetary Development ( Off World )
Department of Scientific Research ( Off World )
Scientific Research Fleet

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