Master of Community Health Programme for Doctors and Nurses

M.Phil programme in Social Sciences in Health

The Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health of Jawaharlal Nehru University is offering a Master of Community Health (M.C.H) program for doctors and Nurses. The course, which covers both theoretical and practical inputs in areas such as communicable diseases, Maternal and Child Health, epidemiology, research methodology and social sciences, is designed to develop managerial physicians relevant to developing countries. The duration of the program is for eighteen months including course work and a mandatory fieldwork.

The centre is also offering a M.Phil program in social sciences in health. This program is open for candidates with a Masters degree in various social science disciplines. Apart from common courses with doctors and nurses and a course on research methodology, the candidates undergo rigorous training in various social science areas relevant to public health. The two-year course also requires writing a dissertation on an area of social sciences in public health.

Candidates who secure the minimum required grades in both the above programmes will be eligible for the doctoral programme.

The admission process for the year 2001 will open in Febryary 2001.

Eligible foreign candidates with adequate financial support may be considered in-absentia for both the programmes.

General details regarding the admission process are available on the web site: