Curriculum Vitae

Name K.R. Nayar

Academic Position


Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health - 1985 onwards

Visiting Professor, Department of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene University of Heidelberg, Germany 2001-2

Previous experience Research Officer Indian Council of Medical Research

Academic Qualifications

Master of Community Health

Ph.D in Community Health


Courses on: 1. Research Methodology 2. Social Science Issues in Health 3. Environment and Health

Research Interests:

1. Environment and Health 2. Health Systems/services Research 3. Health Sector Reforms, Decentralisation



Public Health and Poverty of Reforms: The South Asian Predicament. New Delhi: Sage. (Co-editor, 2001)

Ecology and Health: A Systems Approach. New Delhi: APH Publishing Corporation, 1998.

Biography of Rousseau and Voltaire. Kottayam: Kairali Children’s Book Trust, 1980 (in Malayalam)


Recent papers (2009-2012)

1.Men’s Experiences of Family, Domestic and Honour-Related Violence in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh, India. Asian Social Science, Vol. 8, No.6, 2012, pp. 3-10. (with Alex Broom, David Sibbritt, Assa Doron Pamela Nilan).

2. India's country experience in addressing social exclusion in Maternal and Child Health, Country case study No.8. 2011, WHO. CSDH

3. Of silver bullets and red herrings: Commentary. Tropical Medicine and International Health 16 (6), 2011, pp.669-71 (with O. Razum, and J. Schaaber)

4. Gaps in Goals: The history of Goal-setting in health care in India. Oman Medical Journal 26 (1), 2011, pp.1-3.

5. The use of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine in Sri Lankan cancer care: Results from a survey of 500 cancer patients. Public Health 124 (4), 2010, pp. 232-237 (With A.Broom, K. Wijewardena , D. Sibbritt, J. Adams).

6. Indian Cancer Patients’ use of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TCAM) and delays in presentation to Hospital. Oman Medical Journal 24 (2), 2009, pp.103-107 (With Alex Broom, Philip Tovey, Rashmi Shirali, Rakesh Thakur, Tulika Seth, Prem Chhetri)

7. Commission on Social Determinants in Health: A piece meal move? (Editorial). Indian J Med Res 129, February 2009, pp 117-119 (With Sonali Sahni Kapoor)

Recent Papers (2005-2008)

1. Social exclusion, caste and health; A review based on the social determinants framework. Indian J Med Res 126, October 2007, pp 355-363

2. Editorial. Journal of Health and Development Vol.2, No.3&4, 2007, pp. 5-8

3. Critical Public health: Operationalising a vision. MFC Bulletin 323-324, July- September, 2007, pp. 40-44 (with Ritu priya)

4. Entry of insurance in health services: Some recent trends in India. Indian Medical Parliamentarians’ forum Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 2, 2007, p.2

5. Taking the Kerala Discourse forward: Visions for an equitable health service. In, Kartha CC (ed.). Kerala: Fifty years and beyond (A festschrift in honor of Professor C.R Soman). pp. 327-338. Trivandrum: Gautha Books, 2007.

6. Public health in private hands? A note on the Public Health Foundation of India. National Medical Journal of India, Vol. 19, No.4, 2006, pp.221-224 (with Mohan Rao)

7. Kerala’s Roadmap to privatization in health care. Journal of Health and Development. Vol.2, No. 1&2, 2006, pp. 43-51 (with Sunitha Nair).

8. Third Option or No Option? Self-Help in Health Care, In, Laaser, Ulrich and Radermacher, Ralf (Eds.). Financing Health Care - A Dialogue between South Eastern Europe and Germany. International Public Health Series, Vol. 18, Dusseldorf: Jacobs-Verlag, pp. 55-68. 2006 (with Oliver Razum)

9. Millennium Development Goals and Health: Another selective development? International Studies, Vol. 43, No.3, 2006, pp. 317-22 (with Oliver Razum)

10. Overview of HIV and AIDS in Asia. In, Time to Act II, Positive Voices: Emerging governance issues on HIV and AIDS in Asia (chapter 1). New Delhi: ActionAid International, 2006

11. Community participation in health: A qualitative study of women’s self-help groups in Kerala state, India. Journal of Health and Development, Vol.1, No.4, 2005, pp. 91-101 (with Catherine Kyobutungi)

12. Sociology of Tuberculosis: Dissecting a public health classic. Journal of Health and Development, Vol.1, No.1, 2005, pp. 11-14.

13. South Asian Tsunami. The Lancet. Vol. 365, No. 9463, 2005, pp.934-935 (with Alpana D. Sagar).

14. Politics of Pedagogy in public health. Social Scientist, Vol.33 No.1-2, 2005, pp.47-75 (with Imrana Qadeer).

2004 and before

1. Rural Health: Absence of Mission or Vision. Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 39 No 45 November 6, 2004

2. Language use in public health. The Lancet, Vol.363, No.9427, 2004, pp. 2190-91 (with Oliver Razum , Onkar Mittal, Ritu Priya, C. Sathyamala)

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4. Self-help: What future role in health care for low and middle-income countries? International Journal for Equity in Health 2004 Apr 15; 3 (1):1 (with Catherine Kyobutungi and Oliver Razum).

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List of Some Conferences Attended

Ø International Conference on Kerala's Development Experience. New Delhi. 9-11, December 1996. Presented a paper: Housing and Health. Another Kerala Conundrum. Chaired a session on: Health and Health services: Some micro experiences.

Ø International Conference on Impact of tructural Adjustment Programmes on Health in South Asia. New Delhi, September, 24, 25, 26, 1997. Presented a paper: Democratisation and Health: Towards an Alternative Health Sector Reforms.

Ø Global Ecology Programme, Boston. Lecture to visiting American students in Delhi. November, 28, 1997. Topic: Environment World-views: Implications for Health.

Ø International Conference on Global Health Law. New Delhi, December, 5, 6, 7, 1997. Presented a paper: People's Assessment of Health and Its Role in Accessibility-Availability of Health Services.

Ø Workshop on Media and Public Health. Panchgani, Maharashtra, June, 17-21, 1998. Presentation on Water, Sanitation and Health in India.

Ø International Conference on Coping with Health Care Reform: Challenges for health Officials and Health Professionals. Estoril, Portugal, October, 9, 10, 1998. Chaired a session on: Internal Brain Drain and Income Topping up Policies: Responses of the International Organisations.

Ø Asia Pacific Conference on Social Science and Medicine. Yogyakarta, Indonesia. December, 7-11. 1998. Presented a paper : Health Need Assessment in the context of Health Sector Reforms: A Case Study from India.

Ø Asia Pacific Conference on Social Science and Medicine. Kandy, Sri Lanka. September, 23-30, 2000. Presentation in the Plenary session: Health Sector Reforms.

Ø Colloquium on Population Policy of India. Bangalore, India, October, 19, 20, 2000. Chaired a session.

Ø GASPP Seminar on Global Social Policies and Social Rights. New Delhi, November. 9, 10, 2000. (Organised by GASPP, STAKES, Finland)

Ø Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive Health. Manila, Philippines, February 15-18.2001. Presented a paper on Ethics of Selectivity in the context of Health Sector Reforms.

Ø South-North dialogue on innovative strategies in international post-graduate education: Challenges, obstacles and best practices. February 24-25,2002 Bonn, Germany.

Other Academic Activities

Technical Assistance with research design for the study of Bhopal gas victims entitled: Against All Odds. Continuing Effects of the Toxic gases on the Health Status of the Surviving population in Bhopal, 1989

Member, Expert Committee on Health Care. Department of Rural Development, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi

Editor, Courses on Rural Health, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi

Member, Expert Committee on Fellowship Programmes of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

Member, Expert Committee on Research Projects on Health Systems Research 1997, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium

Organizing Secretary. International Conference on the Impact of Structural Adjustment Programmes on Health in South Asia, 24, 25, 26, Sept. 1997, New Delhi.

External Examiner, Department of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, University of Heidelberg, Germany, 2002-4

Current Project

Academic Co-ordinator, Project on Monitoring Health Sector Policies in South Asia. Funded by European Commission. Brussels

E learning in Public Health, DAAD and University of Bielefeld, Germany

Use of Non-biomedical treatment by cancer patients in India. British Academy and Association for Commonwealth Universities International collaboration grant

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