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A final closing statement from Raidr:

Well Tomb Raider fan, I have since closed down my site dedicated to Lara and have since moved on.

Lara's Place was a great site for me. It taught me a hell of a lot about HTML and I must say that I learned a lot about graphics as well. This site was a fan favorite for quite a while but that reign had to end some day. BFettOO7 has seen my site since the beginning and has also been a dedicated fan. Because he love's Tomb Raider That much and also can't see a good site go to waste, he asked me if he to take it over. I've personally seen his HTML experience and I think he will do Lara's Place justice.

Thanks to all my Lara's Place fans out there and dont' forget to visit my "Once-A-Month" updated Tomb Raider site over at Again.. thanks for being a true Lara Croft fan and visit the New "Lara's Place" Often.

~Raidr signing off


Hi! I am the new owner of Lara's Place, unfortunately Raidr was unable to keep up the site. I will try to keep this site up as long as possible and would hope you would help me make this site. I would appreciate all graphics found, comments, ideas, or anything else that is helpful.