A Brief Bio

Southern California's honky tonk stylist Laura Tyler began studying classical piano at a very early age and by the time she was eight years old she had won an award from the Yamaha Music Corporation for one of her compositions. Despite this early classical training, Laura spent her recreational time listening to and falling love with the energetic rock n roll of Elvis Presley and the honky tonk stylings of Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams and Buck Owens, among others.

In her teens she began melding her training with her varied musical loves and interests into a style that is uniquely her own. She then spent the next several years honing her skills in venues up and down the West Coast of the United States from San Diego to Seattle - including frequent stops in country music hot spots such as Bakersfield. A couple years ago while on tour she stopped in Santa Cruz and sat in with the remaining members of the famous Flying Burrito Brothers and lended her harmonies to their classic song Wheels.

In 1993 Laura met up with honky tonk songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jim Novak while they were working as back-up musicians. They instantly clicked and soon began writing and performing together. They made their March 1994 rave debut with their own band, The Usual Suspects, at the World Famous Palomino Club.

Since then, Novak and Tyler have written numerous songs together, some of which have been covered by other artists both in the U.S. and abroad. Their song, Everything but The Blame, was recently featured in the short film The Man In The Box. Since July of 1995, Laura has released two well-received CDs on Banyan Records and completed two highly successful European tours.

Blending the elements of bluegrass, rock n roll and hillbilly barroom music, it is easy to see why she is considered one uniquely sensational artist - that's Laura Tyler!

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