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I give up on counters.
The News Updates and stuff, what goes on in CF and this realm you have entered.
"WHERE AM I? HELPHELPHELPHELP!" -Kisutsu, CF#7: Comrade's Fall
Well, below is for you if you're feeling like Kisutsu...
Information and Major Summary: This is stuff for non Crystal Fighters, you know, the people that have no idea what this site is about and/or or want to join us.

The Adventures of the Crystal Fighters

Enter Crystalia and all the other worlds of ours...

That is what this page is all about: our Stories to Bios, just enter the town!

Some Fun Stuff

Misc. Interesting Things: Songs and CF Shorts, a chat, a poll for favorite CF stories,
a screensaver and more!
Rengral's Keep: Enter the magikal cave of this Isle's resident dragon
...if you dare...

Rants and Reflections in a dark corner of the Sea

A nonCF creative side..poems, essays, wavs of singing/acting, rants etc.
Please please PLEASE submit stuff!!!
Well, here's the link
: Enjoy!

A Shrine to Prodigy Classic

Enter the Shrine
: For those of us who have painfully nostalgic memories
of the old (may it burn in peace) internet service, Prodigy Classic.
In here you will find our own memories (submissions WANTED!!), screenshots, chatlogs, and even
the classic Elfquest wavs used so frequently in wav wars!

The Crystal Fighters Roleplay Forum
Hosted by Zak, this is where we are actually Writing and Replying right now. Come Join, Write, Read, Critisize, and/or Lavish In Praise! ;)
Crystalline Links

Crystalline BannersOVER HERE!
Link to us, pleeeease, we're not just CF anymore, now we have our Rants etc section and we need submissions
Legal information: Sadly, it's neccesary, I guess...K wrote it ;)
No one EVER e-mails me, but if for some reason that changes...I'm

Well, we now have a BRAND NEW guestbook, it's VERY spiffed (: so do
check it out. (: It actually WORKS which is nice ;)

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