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Summary for Yorkshire Terrier Owners

Yorkshire Terrier owners, things found most common by a margin of 76%:

The Yorkshire Terrier Owner in this study surveyed, has been found to be the "clown" of all breed owners, in this study surveyed. This breed lover can usually be found surrounded by friends and peers that admire him, and yet he seems to not notice, or not to care, although this study has concluded, that the Yorkshire Terrier owner enjoys attention and the company of good friends. This breed lover offers his trust fairly easily, but is not very forgiving if he is trespassed upon. They can be slightly stubborn, but generally they are happy to sit back and allow others to have their own opinions. The Yorkshire Terrier Owner was not showy in his or her opinions, and did welcome other opinions for discussion. The driving force of the Yorkshire Terrier is his ability to fit in almost any situation. In this study, the Yorkshire Terrier owner has preferred to defer protection of victims of injustice to those he or she felt more qualified for the job. When this breed owner feels transgressed upon, however, he is willing, able and capable of staunchly defending him/herself, and has no qualms about doing so. It is this surveys conclusion therefore that the Yorkshire Terrier owner is not fearful of confrontation, but generally has little time for it. This breed lover showed ample compassion when called upon. The man, like his dog, as abovementioned, has an impish nature, and is prone to often being a comedian, by a margin of (83%), often making light when a situation becomes too intense, too argumentative or sad. This breed lover was found, to be generally fussy about details, and this by general admission. This breed owner carries himself with pride and confidence and is generally a happy and easy going individual. When insulted, contrary to what would be imagined, this breed owner does not seem easily jollied out of his\her mood as some of the other breed lovers surveyed. It is therefore this survey's conclusion that the Yorkshire Terrier owner is indeed capable of holding a grudge.

INCLUSIVE FACT: The average owner of this breed has above average to way above average intelligence and\or schooling (96%).

INCLUSIVE FACT: (100%) In this study surveyed, have included pets beyond the back yard, and into the home.

INCLUSIVE FACT: (62%) In this study surveyed, agree that this breed is a difficult one, and not for everyone.

INCLUSIVE FACT: (89%) In this study surveyed, have no intentions of abandoning their breed for another, while (55%) In this study surveyed, have no intentions of owning a dog of another breed in conjunction to the Yorkshire Terrier.

INCLUSIVE FACT: In this study surveyed, the Yorkshire Terrier owner, along with the Shih Tzu has been found to have an interesting mix of traits in his repertoire, going from comedian/comedienne to a peacemaker, and an imp capable of causing some trouble of his own, although generally in good fun, by a margin of (64%).

UNRELATED FACT: The Yorkshire Terrier owner has been found, in this study surveyed, generally to be even-tempered and a good candidate to settle a fight or make light of a serious situation by a margin of (62%).

UNRELATED FACT: The average Yorkshire Terrier owner was found to hold positions, in this study surveyed, in varied fields ranging from science, which includes but it not limited to: biology and physics, to the arts, such as: music and language.

UNRELATED FACT: The Yorkshire Terrier Owner typically gets along best with his selected breed, or another small breed dog, with some exceptions, by a margin of (63%) surveyed, while (37%) had no preference on size of breed in conjunction to the Yorkshire Terrier.

This article is reprinted with the permission of the author.
Copyright© 1996, Carrie Ann Pryor & The Dog Zone


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