O'siyo! I am Jugidahli Usdi
(Joo-gee-dah-lee) (Oos-dee)

Little Feathers

Welcome To My Lodge

Come in, sit with me,
spend awhile, bring your wood to the fire...
I am honored by your visit.

This site reflects my interests
in this awesome universe,
the care for our Mother Earth,
my path I follow
all things which lead me to
understanding, truth,
balance and harmony.

As I live my earth walk,
I learn from my ancestors
who have walked this road before me.

Everything in Creation has a purpose.
Everything in Creation has a task
and responsibilities to fulfill
during their earth walk.

One of the most sacred
of these responsibilities
given to each of us
is to recognize,
acknowledge and accept
our sacred relatedness to all things.

Great Spirit,
Thank You for
Mother Earth and Father Sky.
Thank You for my life.

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