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- Recommended Big Cat Books -

alt="wildlife books" width="200" height="297"> Nature Photography Field Guide
Photographing on Safari
Signs of the Wild
The Serengeti Lion
Golden Shadows Flying Hooves
The deer and the Tiger
Cheetah's of the Serengeti Plains
My Serengeti Years
The Safari Companion
Portraits of the Wild
Pride of Lions
Innocent Killers
A glimpse of Eden
Watching Wildlife East Africa
Watching Wildlife South Africa
Wildlife Wars
Serengeti Shall Not Die
Safari Guide to East Africa
The Great Migration
Lion: Big Cat Diary
Kingdom of Lions
Jewel in the Kalahari
Creatures of Habit
Through a Window
Game Parks & Nature Reserves of SA
African Wildlife Field Guide
Wild Ways
Essential Wildlife Photography
In The Lions Den
Born Free
Prides-Lions of Moremi
Hunting with the Moon
To Walk With Lions
The Nature of Lions
Serengeti Lion
Cats of Africa
The Year of the Tiger
Secret Life of Tigers
The Way of the Tiger
How The Tiger Lost Its Stripes
Great Cats
Borderland Jaguars
Mountain Lion
Soul Amoung Lions
Cheetahs of the Serengeti Plain
The Big Cat Diary
Wild Cats of the World
The Love of Big Cats
The Big Cats
Big Cats
Big Cats
Lions *Endangered*
Pride - Lions of Moremi
The Nature of Lions
Wild Heart - Story of Joy Adamson
Through Cougar`s Eyes
The Florida Panther
Cats of Africa
Living With Big Cats
African Leopard
The Big Cats and their Fossil relatives
Operation White Lion
The Social Life of the Lion
Big Cats (Scary Creatures)
Small Cats Looking at Small Mammals
Big Cat Conservation
The Big Cats & Their Fossil Relatives
Wild Cats of the World
Born Wild
Lions Share
The Science of Saving Tigers
Behind The Cloak Of Buddha
John Shaw
Clive Walker
George Schaller
George Schaller
George Schaller
T.M. Caro
Myles Turner
R.D. Estees
Cynthia Moss
Brian Bertram
H & J Lawick-Goodhall
Evelyn Ames
Lonely planet
Lonely planet
Richard Leakey
B & M Grizimek
Jonathan Scott
Jonathan Scott
Jonathan & Angie Scott
Jonathan Scott
Karen Ross
P Apps & R du Toit
Jane Goodhall
Readers Digest
P Apps
R Du Toit
Luke Hunter
Brian Bertram
Mitsvaki Iwago
Joy Adamson,JaneGoodall
Peter Kat,Chris Harvey
Derek & Beverly Joubert
Gareth Patterson
Eric Grace,Art Wolfe
Brian C.R Bertram
George B. Schaller
Paul Bosman,Anthony M
Geoffrey C. Ward
Valmik Thapar
K. Ullas Karanth
Cory J Meacham
Simon Combes
David E Brown
Daniel Cox
Harley Shaw,David Brown
T.M Caro
Luke Hunter
Brian Jackman,J Scott
Kailash Sankhala
Barbara S,Art Wolfe
Bruce Mitchell
Nancy Neff
Simon Seymour
Franklin Watts
Amanda Harman
Peter Kat,Chris Harvey
Art Wolfe,Eric Grace
Anne Neimark
David Raber
David S Maehr
Anthony Hall Martin
Sharon Rendell
Theodore N Bailey
Alan Turner
Chris McBride
Judith A Rudnai
Penny Clarke
Sally Morgan
Peggy Thomas
Mauricio Anton
Mel Sunquist
Tony Fitzjohn
Jeannette Hanby
K Ullas Karanth
Sybelle Grace Foxcroft

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