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Welcome to our Holiday Happenings page.

We have searched and searched the web for the

best graphics that webtv users can use on e-mail

and home pages. We have come up with what we

think are some of the best graphics to be found.

We have tried to make these graphics readily

availible to the webtv user. Use any of the graphics

that you may need.

We would appreicate a link back to our site, but it is

not a requirement. We believe that all of the graphics

here are in public domain, but if you see one that is

copywritten, please let us know and it will be removed.

Thank you for visiting and have fun.

For your own protection of graphics used, I suggest

that if you have a home site, you trnsload any images

that you need to your ow site. This will assure you

that you will have them to use as you please.

We have separated all of our holiday graphics into

holiday files so that you may make your selection a little

easier, and less time consuming. Please make your

selection from the jump-box below to be transported

to the holiday of your choice.

Holiday Image Selections

Please sign my guestbook, so that I may return the favor

and visit your site. I enjoy visiting other sites and would

very much enjoy visiting yours.

Thank you

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