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Destroyer Destroyers


    Ship types avalible here:
  1. Leningrad Class Flotilia Leaders - these destroyers were first modern destroyers in Soviet navy, armed with 5 single 130 mm (5.1") guns.
  2. Tashkent Class - This ship was built in italy to be a prototype for new soviet destroyers.
  3. Standart Soviet Destroyers (Gnevniy(project 7), Storozhevoy(project 7U), Ognevoy Classes) First two of them were one class when laid but about half of ships were completed to revised design due the experience of Spanish Civil war. Later class was laid down in 39 as modified project but only one ship completed during war.
  4. Novik Class Destroyers - very old ships laid down in 1912-16 and completed in 1914-27. Were best World War I Destroyers but obsolete in the beginning of WW2. Really this class contains ships built by diferent yards for Baltic and Black Seas, so ships differed in size (93-105 meters) , speed (30 - 37 kts.), armament (3 to 5 - 4") and torpedoes(2x3, 3x2, 3x3 launchers for 18" torpedoes). Prototype of this class, Novik, had 4 funnels and 3 screws , others 3 funnels and 2 screws.
  5. Opitnii Destroyer. Word Opitnii means Experimental or Skilled in Russian. This Ship was experimental and was to put maximum weapons and new technology into small (1600 tons std.) displacement. But it was hastly finished when war began and with some changes in design - 3 single 130mm main guns in place of 3 twins 130mm, and so on. because some of her systems (like main gun turrets) were installed on leader Taskent.
  6. Wickes Class Destroyers (4-stack, 4-piper) Old American WW2 destroyers built during WW1 and transferred to Russia by Lend-Lease programme. Suitable only as escorts. Modified for ASW.
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NEW Photo Gallery

NEW Line Drawings of Soviet Destroyers are available here!
Soviet newest destroyers-"project 30" (only one completed durind war [1944]) , DD "Ognevoy"
Soviet most common destroyers-"project 7", DD "Gnevniy"
DD "Storozhevoy" was built in 1938 as "project 7u" DD but was torpedoed in 1941 and had her bow lost. Then she got bow of incomlete "Project 30" destroyer - the only time when ship got bow from ship of another type!

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