Louis Armand's poetry, essays, translations and short prose 
have appeared in numerous journals internationally, including 
Sulfur, Meanjin, Heat, Frank, Poetry Ireland, Poetry Review 
and Stand, as well as in the literary anthologies Infernal 
Cinders (1993), The Zone (1994), Calyx: 
30 Contemporary Australian Poets (Sydney: Paper Bark Press, 
2000) and Catalyst (Cambridge: Salt, 2001).  Publications 
include Seances (Prague: Twisted Spoon Press, 1998), The 
Viconian Paramour (New York: x-poezie, 1998), Anatomy Lessons 
(x-poezie, 1999), Erosions (Sydney: Vagabond Press, 1999), 
Synopticon (with John Kinsella: Mudlark, 2000), Base 
Materialism (x-poezie, 2001), Land Partition (Melbourne: 
Textbase, 2001), Inexorable Weather (Lancs., UK: Arc 
Publications, 2001), The Garden (a volume of
experimental prose; Cambridge: Salt Publishing, 2001), Strange 
Attractors (Cambridge: Salt Publishing, 2003) and Malice in 
Underland (Melbourne: Textbase, forthcoming 2003). In 1997 
he was awarded the Penola Festival's Max Harris Prize 
for Poetry (Adelaide), and recently he was awarded the Nassau 
Review Prize for 2000 (New York).  Since 1994 he has lived 
and worked in Prague, in the Czech Republic, where he 
currently lectures on literary theory & art history in the 
Philosophy Faculty of Charles University and at the University 
of New York, Prague.  He is the editor of a literary 
broadsheet, Semtext (Plastic), a member of the editorial board 
of Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge and 
Strange Attractions, and poetry editor of The Prague Revue.  


FF UK, Nam. Jana Palacha 2
116 38 Praha 1
Czech Republic