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Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and JulietMARCH 08, 1997
AFP Theater, Camp Aguinaldo, EDSA cor. Santolan, QC

"Give me my Romeo and when he shall die, take him, and cut him out in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine, that all the world will be in love with night, and pay no worship to the garish sun."

A full-length Shakespearean tragedy performed by La Sallian High School students? One may not believe it but we did. The  LSGH Cue Drama Club rehearsed for several months (6 months to be exact) to come up with such a serious production. Actors were not only rehearsed but also taught to appreciate the enchanting literature of William Shakespeare and fully understand his language.

With the help of a professional dance chorreographer (Jojo Punzalan), the audience were delighted to view a party scene where the actors danced, as people in the medieval times did. The set, finely crafted by Boy Regala, and the "magical" (computer-generated) lights of the AFP theater, also helped a lot in creating the proper atmospheres for each scene. An air of romance in the balcony scene, suspense in the sword-fighting sequence, etc.

Of course, the play would not be a success without our actors who gave such stellar Happy moments during rehearsalsperformances and our competent production staff who exerted much effort and energy to make everything go right.

Our two Romeos were no-doubtedly suited for their roles. Mark Buhain and Nick Godinez were transformed from fourth-year high school students to dashing young lads who made girls sigh in romance and fall into a spell of passion with every heartfelt lines they delivered. The intensity of their acting were at par with their leading ladies, Vanessa Jardeleza and Cyd Jocano. One can't do anything else but watch in appreciation their stellar performances and listen soothingly to their English accents.

Niņo Puyat, who played Juliet's nurse, was such a vivacious performer that people couldn't help but laugh and applaude in his every scene. Dressed-up in woman's clothes, people weren't able to recognize him during the first half of the play. All the while they thought that the nurse was actually a woman who looked like a man.

The play went on smoothly, with each of us exerting our best to come up with the best. The curtains came down and all were given proper recognition.

THE CAST:The Men and women of Romeo and Juliet

Romeo Montague

Juliet Capulet

Oliver Natividad as Tybalt * Johan Tomacruz and Cedric Belen as Paris * Joseph Orinion as Lord Montague * Chay Domingo and May Masangkay as Lady Capulet * Allan Balderama as Lord Capulet * Sheila Judalena as Lady Capulet * Jerric Cruz and Albert Silva as Prince Escalus * Albert Silva and Andre Medina as Mercutio * JC Noriega as Benvolio * Sonny Briola as Friar Lawrence * Paolo Alandy as Abram/Capulet's cousin * Fred Boceta as Illiterate Servingman/Potpan/Singer/Peter/Paris' Page * Miguel Lindo as Sampson/Musician * Ken Marajas as Servingman * Enzo Martinez as Gregory/Musician *

THE PRODUCTION STAFF:One pose for the road

Over-all Director
Virginia Rollins Natividad

Assistant Directors
Oliver Natividad & Gigs Francisco

Stage Manager
Aris Cruz

Stage Crew
EJ Landas, Ronald Ongjoco, JP Mendoza, Vino Unson, Bobby Bonifacio Jr., Richie Velasco, Pepper Laforteza, Nicolai Hernandez, Cedric Valera, Alvin Go, Edgar Ramiscal, Lester Buenafe, Chad Concepcion, Geri Daluz, Lyzander Zapanta, Dennis Canta, Martin Limjap, Wicko Kabiling

Jerome Santos, Andre Morte, Wacky Gochoco

Francis Zabala

Artistic Head
Dexter Dakanay

                                                            Jojo Punzalan

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