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Walang Sugat

Walang SugatMARCH  17 - 18 , 1997
Star Complax, EDSA Shangri-La Plaza

Originally, what the club was considering after the successful production of Romeo and Juliet, was to stage the Broadway Musical Phantom of the Opera. But then, our limited budget plus the fact that big arrangements still had to be made in order for us to get the rights for the play did not allow us to do so.

It came into our minds that 1998 was the centennial year of the Philippines, thus deciding to stage a Filipino play in line with the upcoming celebration. What we wanted was a play which would bring about nationalism in each and every one of us, and still would have elements of interest such as romance, suspense, political and religious views and ideas, and of course, something that would keep our audiences awake, a lot of amusing comedy.Mr. Antonil plays the role of an abusive friar

Indeed, "Walang Sugat", a zarzuela written by the late Severino Reyes, was the perfect musical which had all the elements we wanted. Involving characters, unforgettable music, and a delightfully simple story. The script was acquired, the casting was finalized, costumes were made, and we sought assistance from professional musical coaches and choreographers, who were more than willing to support us all the way (as long as we give them free tickets to the performance. Hehe!).

Like any other production, a lot of problems were also encountered along the way. Misunderstandings, petty fights, switching and cancellation of roles, love triangles (which weren't even supposed to have formed), and other factors made everyone worried that the whole play might just not push through. Even up to the last hour, there was tension in the air.

Mr. Miguel & Mrs. Santos take their bow But all the worries did not discourage us from being persistent in our rehearsals, and giving our 100% best to keep our energy high and our adrenalins pumping. Some misunderstandings and problems might have occurred, but the bond we shared in our everyday rehearsals made us value each other, so as not to even think of doing anything to destroy the production. After all, the play was already a part of our lives!

Each actor and staffer did his job well and all of us kept in mind what our assistant director, Allan Bombita told us the night before : " Even if the play turns out to be the lousiest play the audience had ever seen, it would be the best play in your life if you know that you gave them your 100 percent best in your performance."

It did not turn out to be the lousiest play the audience had ever seen. As a matter of fact, it received a standing ovation with appreciating smiles and applause during the curtain call. That moment was very touching for all of us and we would trulky treasure it in our hearts forever.

Some people were hurt, some hearts were bruised. But in the closing of the curtains, healing took place, all were reunited. We all walked out the theater with "No Wounds".

Curtain Call

T H E  C A S T


Robert Umandap & Fred Boceta as Lucas | Rachel Quiroz & April Inocentes as Monica
Raul Miguel & Al Carriaga as Tadeo | Marie Santos & Marj Cacnio as Juana
Jaycee Noriega as Miguel | Tonton Clemente as Pabling

The Company: Joshua Ong - Koro | Louis Arcilla - Mediko/Koro | Jared Mijares - Korneta/Koro | Emily Piņol - Bordadora/Koro | Paulo Alandy - Kapitan Inggo | Eiselle Don Perdiguere - Kabo Menes/Koro | Jorell Bringas - Koro | Kirby Neri - Koro | Nicole Raymundo - Bordadora/Koro | Kurt Soliman - Kapitan Inggo | Mako Erlano - Koro | Bernard Davila - Koro | Michael Romero - Koro | Katz Ortiz - Bordadora/Koro | Miguel Lindo - Padre Teban | Jeffrey Ramos - Koro | Deryk de Guzman - Prayle/Koro | Jaime Villanueva - Koro | Leah Bermundo - Bordadora/Koro | Benjo Delarmente - Heneral | Ralph Alarilla - Pedrito/Koro | Neilbert de Leon - Koro | Anton Yap - Koro | Enzo Martinez - Koro | Albert Silva - Sarhento/Prayle | Miguel Alcain - Prayle | RA Espiritu - Prayle/Koro | Niņo Santos - Koro | Bobby Bonifacio, Jr. - Alkalde Marcelo | Gilbert Aquino - Koro | Anthony Flores - Marcelo's Lackey | Paolo Santos - Koro | Martha Joy Bruan - Kapitana Putin

The Staff:
Sounds: Wacky Gochocko/ Ronald Villaver/ Carlo Genato / Erik Cruz
Lights: Rommel Dimaculangan
Props: Richie/ Wiko Kabiling
Curtains: John Valle
The Orchestra: Mrs. Jullie Mendoza(Pianist/Conductor)/ Mr. Ben Aleta (Trumpet)/ Ali Silao (Flute)
The Director: Mrs. Virginia Natividad
The Creative Directors: Mr. Allan Bombita/ Mr. Emig Tagle

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