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Erika Page

Bryan married Erika Page on October 14, 2000 in her hometown of Dallas, TX.

Erika is an actress whose parts include Roxanna on the ABC series "Second Noah," which ran from 1995-1997. She also has appeared in TV movies and did a short stint on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Now, she's a regular on One Life to Live, playing the part of Roseanne Delgado. You can also hear Erika in the part of "Sherri Ann" on the song by the same name from Bryan's "How Lucky I Am" CD.

Erika is a strong supporter of adoption, as she was adopted as a baby. She was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and moved to Dallas with her adoptive parents at age 12. In 1994, she graduated from Newman Smith High School in Carrollton, Texas and had planned to spend a year at the University of Northern Texas, but she got work that she had won the part on "Second Noah" on the day she was to sign up for classes. She moved to Tampa, Florida for that role, and now that she is working on "One Life to Live," she is living in New York. Erika says when she's not working, some of her favorite pastimes are sightseeing and shopping around New York City.

Bryan and Erika met with a little help from matchmaker Neal McCoy, who insisted that Bryan should get to know her and who eventually called her up and passed the phone over to Bryan so he would have no choice but to speak with her! Boy, have they come a long way since then!!

Erika with her co-stars
on the set of One Life to Live

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