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Lutheran Peace Fellowship

Advocacy Resources
Lutheran Peace Fellowship

21 Ways Teens Can Work for Peace

24 Ways Students Can Work for Peace

Activity and Discussion Guides - LPF's most popular and effective activities and resources.

Advocacy Update - LPF´s most current advocacy issues and concerns

Hunger Awareness Meal

Hunger Resources

Iraq Resources

Local LPF Chapters

Nonviolence: Cultivating the Way of Peace
Ways to nonviolence -overviews, activities and ideas for leaders.

ONE by ONE toward justice for All - Millennium Development Goals and the ONE Campaign
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Peace Links - A Selected List

Taking action for what we believe
How to write a letter to your elected official about budget priorities and hunger

Top Lists activity on hunger and development - computer activity (being revised)

U.S. Budget Priorities: An engaging, interactive computer activity for youth and adults. Previous users have said it brings alive the shocking imbalance in U.S. budget priorities: a vast amount goes to military power, and very little to diplomacy and development aid as alternatives for engaging our world. (updated 2014 version).

What is the Place of Dissent - Once War Begins?

Workshops and Trainings - offered by LPF

Also see Activity and Discussion Guides, Nonviolence Resources, Peace Education


Big push to increase development funding


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Top Ten List (pdf, html)
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