Descendants of Johann Franz Eder

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Johann Franz EDER (Johann Franz1) is the earliest known ancestor of Michael EDER who came from Germany by way of Argentina in 1927. Johann Franz was born about 1788 and died about 1848. He married Theresia Maier about 1820 and had a son, Johann, born in 1824. By one account, Johann Franz was a shoemaker in Itzing, his birthplace. By another account he was a shepherd.

Johann EDER (Johann2, Johann Franz1) was born 21 May 1824 in Itzing, Germany and died there 12 December 1902. He married Franzciska Hiener 8 August 1858. She was born 28 June 1823 in Sulzdorf, Germany and died 23 May 1888 in Itzing. Her parents were Johann Hiener and Magdalena Strehle of Sulzdorf. Johann and Franzciska had two sons, Johann and Andreas.

Johann EDER (Johann3, Johann2, Johann Franz1)was born 26 February 1859 in Itzing and died about 1911. He married Theresia Mittel 12 June 1888. She was born 22 February 1855 and died 4 July 1891. Her parents were Andreas Mittel and Anna Bader from Wittesheim, Germany.

Andreas EDER (Andreas3, Johann2, Johann Franz1) was born 22 November 1863 in Itzing-Monheim, Germany and died 19 February 1943 in Buchdorf, Germany. He married Josepha Mayer 25 August 1890. She was born 26 December 1865 and died 22 December 1942. Her parents were Johann Mayer (son of Johann and Wallburga Mayer) and Josepha Weinbaur. Andreas and Josepha had ten children.
Anna b. 1891
Andreas b. 1892
Josef born June 30, 1897 died November 30, 1898
Johann born August 30, 1898, died November 2, 1898
Joseph b. 1899
Georg (Schorsch) b. 1901
Wallburga (Walli) b. 1903
Michael (Michl) b. 1904
Josepha (Bebi) b. 1906
Theresia (Resi) b. 1908

Anna EDER (Anna4, Andreas3, Johann2, Johan Franz1) was born 4 June1891 in Buchdorf, Germnay and died 30 November 1933 in an automobile accident in Nordendorf, Germany. She married Englebert Holl in 1920. He was born 28 August 1888 in Germany and died 17 October 1943 in Stadtbergen-Augsburg. Engelbert and Anna had three children: Engelbert, Georg and Maria. Maria had a daughter, Christa Duerr. I have no further information on these children or their spouses.

Andreas EDER (Andreas4, Andreas3, Johann2, Johan Franz1) was born 26 Dec 1892 in Buchdorf and died October 1, 1915 in the battle of Arras, France. He is buried at the parish church in Buchdorf.

Joseph EDER (Joseph4,Andreas3, Johann2, Johan Franz1)was born Dec 28, 1899 in Buchdorf and died 26 December 1966 in Augsburg. He married Mechtilde Geiger, "Oma" on 25 August 1938. She was the daughter of Johann Georg Geiger and Regina Piller. This was his second marriage. I have no information about his first marriage. He had one daugher, Eleanora, "Elli".

He had trained as a tailor in Sweden in the 1920's and at the end of World War II he was a Schneidermeister who did a great business making uniforms for the United States occupation forces. In the process he also made many American friends. His daughter, Elli, worked in his shop on Bahnhofstrasse with him.

Georg EDER (Georg4, Andreas3, Johann2, Johan Franz1) was born 7 March 1901 in Buchdorf and died 5 April 1978 of a lung infection in Buchdorf. He married Anna Scheibinger on 27 May 1934 in Buchdorf. They had seven children: Georg, Anna, Engelbert, Elfriede,Wilhelm, Adesta and Josef. George was a landowner and he and Anna inherited the old homestead on the Hauptstrasse in Buchdorf.

Wallburga "Walli" EDER (Walburga4,Andreas3, Johann2, Johan Franz1) was born 16 February 1903 and died 24 March 1987. She married Hans Ullrich on 18 February 1950. Hans was born 20 January 1905 and died 19 April 1959. He was a baggage porter and she was the poster hanger in the little health resort of Bad Woerishofen where they lived.

Michael EDER (Michael4, Andreas3, Johann2, Johan Franz1) was born 5 December 1904 in Buchdorf and died 3 September 1984 in Bel Air, MD, USA. He married Marie Wolf (daughter of George Wolf and Anna Seitz) on 29 November 1928. She was born 28 Feb 1911. Michael and Marie had five children: Michael, Dorothy, Nancy, Carol and Rosalie.

Michael went to Meat School in Leipzig in March 1923 and in November 1923 emigrated from Germany to Argentina where he spent several years in the meat industry. At one period he and a partner had their own butcher shop. He came to the United States aboard the SS American Legion in the spring of 1927 and on 25 April 1927 began working at the Schluderburg-Kurdle (EssKay) meat-packing plant in east Baltimore. When his boss, Mr. Johnson, realized he had had training at the meat school in Leipzig, he moved the young Michael up immediately from the killing floor where he started to the mixing floor.

Mike progressed up the ranks and eventually retired in 1969 as Superintendent of the Prepared Meats department. He was responsible not only for the operation of the department but also for creating the formulas for the various products. His reputation extended all along the eastern seaboard and inland as far as Chicago. He was proud of the fact that not once in his whole career did his department operate in the red. In retirement, he tended to his garden in Bel Air and maintained a state of the art greenhouse for growing orchids.

Josepha "Bebi" EDER (Josepha4, Andreas3, Johann2, Johan Franz1) was born 13 June 1905 in Buchdorf and died 13 April 1976 in Hirschbach. She married Josef Koenigsdoerfer on 15 January 1933 in Hirschbach (Wertingen). They had two children: Josef and Maria.

Theresia "Resi" EDER (Theresia4, Andreas3, Johann2, Johan Franz1) was born 25 January 1908 in Buchdorf and died 23 May 1984 in Ellbach bei Bad Toelz. She married Joachim Kranz 8 October 1934. Joachim was born 16 November 1909 and died 23 November 1974. They had no children. She married Ernst Kroh. He was born 22 February 1903 and died 12 May 1983 in Ellbach. During and after World War II Resi had her own dairy store in the Pfersee district of Augsburg.

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