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The truth about Macedonia

This site aims to present some accurate and fact-based information on the Macedonian issue and to answer the Slavic propaganda against Greece and its worldwide respected history.

Books we recomend about Macedonia and its history

Other WWW sites about Macedonia

Historical maps of the Macedonia region

Were ancient Macedonians Greek?

Are FYROM's residents Macedonians?

What do the scholars say?

What do the ancient historians say?

The Slavic propaganda

Why FYROM should not be named Macedonia

Some facts about FYROM

Greece's answers to "Macedonian" arguments

Comments on the "Macedonian" web sites

Some simple questions for "Macedonians"

Other points of view

Archaeological discoveries

Updated on
01 August 1999


August 1999
During his conquest Alexander the Great :

Spread the Greek culture
Spread the Macedonian culture
He spread no culture, he was a ruthless killer.

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