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The Official Movie Website:
Titanic: The love story:
Full Titanic Script right Before your eyes!:
Great Titanic Site:
Ailee's Titanic page:
Kaite's Titanic Page:
My Rose Page:
My Guest Book: Please Sign it!
My Answering Machine: send me a message,i'll write back!
My Jack Page: my dedication To Jack Dawson the hero
My Titanic quiz/survey/offers page:
Titanic '97:
Titanic: Ship of Dreams:
Official Leo Site: great site, if your obsessed with Leo
Kate Winslet Show:
Titanic for the Obsessed:
Titanic for the Depressed: its great for people who are depressed about the movie.
Jeannie's Titanic Webpage: great site, clips, screenplay
Signs you are obsessed with titanic: about 1200 signs you are obsessed with Titanic-as seen in Teen People

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Why   Titanic?

Why Titanic?, you may ask. The answer is simple.I hate to say it, but before i saw this movie, i was like oh yeah, people died, boo hoo hoo. But now that I see the love betwen Jack and Rose, I realized the true tragedy of the Titanic. I am now interested in learning about the real ship and what it looks like today. I have a few Titanic websites that I have created, and i recently decided they weren't good enough, and so I deleted them. But I think this one will be good.

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Other sections

I have several different pages that I will be putting up soon, such as one about each charcter, the crash, the love story, and the discovery of the Titanic For now all I have is my Rose page

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