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After marriage Manju warrier left film world. She is now living happily with husband Dileep and daughter Meenu. In an interview recently Manju said .. "I never regreted about leaving cinema world. Happiness of family life is very important for me. I am really enjoying it now"

Let us see what other actress have to say about Manju Warrier

Divya Unni

The retirement of Manju Warrier after her marriage has created a vacuum in the Malayalam movie field. Has it helped other newcomers? How do you view this?

The retirement of Manjuchechi was a great loss. It did create a void. She was a talented artiste, a gifted dancer. She was a trendsetter. When she proved to be a big success, filmmakers tried to bring in new teenage faces, taking a cue. That is why actresses like Kaveri, many others and myself reached the film field. In my opinion, she should have stayed for some more time.

But one hears that she is leading a happy life at home?

That is exactly what I am saying. See, you cannot make a sincere comment. There will be unthought-of meanings for that. 'Let her live the way she likes' may be the disposition of many people. And if I say her decision to retire was a right one, the very same people may conclude that I am jealous of Manjuchechi, you know!


You seem to have great regard for Malayalam films.

Yes, I do. You have the greatest actors and technicians. Mammootty and Mohanlal are just not super stars; they are great actors as well.

I am disappointed that Manju Warrier has stopped acting. Only once in a blue moon does an artiste like Manju come into the film industry. She could have been the female Mohanlal. I used to look forward to her films. It is sad that Samyuktha Varama also quit films.

Manoj K Jayan

In an interview Manoj K. Jayan said that on the set of “Sallapam”, Manju Warrier got so into character that she actually fought him hard when he tried to stop her from jumping in front of the train. Then when the director said “cut” she just broke down and cried. She also caused havoc when she ran off with someone during the shoot.

Kavya Madhavan

I want to be remembered on account of some strong characters. Like the ones Manju warrior did. She is still there in the minds of viewers. It is because she was able to do a number of good roles. I will not regret if I had to leave the film field after doing a few good roles.


You are being compared with great Malayali actress Manju Warrier. How does it feel?

Well, I have great admiration for the actress. But I like to carve out my own niche rather than being compared to anybody else.

Nitya das

"I'm committed to Manju Warrier' - Nitya Das

Nitya Das, who presented a scintillating character as the heroine of Dileep in 'Ee parakkum Thalika', is very happy now on the mega success of her first movie.

"I'm committed very much to 'Manju Chechi' (Dileep's wife) to get that role in 'Ee Parakkum Thalika' - says Nitya.

It was Manju Warrier who introduced Nithya to the director of 'Ee Parakkum Thalika' after seeing her photo in the front page of a Magazine.

Deepa Nair

Favorite Actress.......

Manju variyar, obviously. I like to do her roles in Kanmadam and Kannu ezhuthe pottum thottu.
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