Crooked Creek Water Quality Demonstration Project

This project is funded by the US EPA under a section 319 grant through the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (SC DHEC)

This project will demonstrate a new method of Conservation Tillage to the Cooperators of the area. This method refered to Row-Till or Strip-Till uses a row preparation tool consisting of a subsoiling shank, followed by fluted coulters and a rolling basket. This tool prepares a narrow seed bed for planting crops such as cotton or corn without disturbing the row middles or the organic surface residue on 70% of the field. This project will also demonstrate litter stackhouses to broiler producers in the area.

Also, the use of Field Borders, Filter Strips, and Grass Waterways will be demonstrated as a means of reducing the deposition of sediment, nutreints, and pesticides into surface streams.

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