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Lexx:Eating Pattern Didcaps

There are two distinct sets of captures. I do not know who the original contributers were. They are from a German television series called Lexx which has been released in the US under the title Tales from an Alternate Universe. The actress displayed is Eva Habermann

eh-lx01.jpg eh-lx02.jpg eh-lx03.jpg eh-lx04.jpg eh-lx05.jpg eh-lx06.jpg eh-lx07.jpg eh-lx08.jpg eh-lx09.jpg eh-lx10.jpg eh-lx11.jpg eh-lx12.jpg

lexx01.jpg lexx02.jpg lexx03.jpg lexx04.jpg lexx05.jpg lexx06.jpg lexx07.jpg lexx08.jpg lexx09.jpg lexx10.jpg lexx11.jpg lexx12.jpg

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