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This cemetery has not been in use for some years and some parts of it have been destroyed. It is not maintained. Those graves preserved are enclosed by a chain link fence.   LOCATION:  Township 8 North, Range 19 East, Section 36 on the western edge of the town of Kinta.  INDEXED: In May of 1996 by Charles Shelton & Wayne T. Wilson. We thank them for all their hard work .

If you have any additions or corrections, please contact Barbara Donathan

Last Update - April  2000

England, Beatrice Anita (d/o Charles & Dora (Watkins)) ;8 May 1911 - 5 Nov 1911

Waltrip, Infant; Died 11 Oct 1911

Watkins, Isam Eldred; 1900 - 1936

Watkins, Jo Evelyn (d/o Jewell); 25 Aug 1923 - 2 Jan 1942

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