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You    know    you're    a    BSB    fan    when...

You know you're a BSB fan when...

1.your whole family knows all the lyrics to their songs.

2.your whole family can name all of the guys. can't sleep without listening to their CD. kiss your posters before you go to bed. dream about them every night.

6.everyone at your school knows you as the "backstreet girl". sign your name as Mrs.Carter/Mrs.McLean etc.

8.your local radio station knows you personally and expects a call 
  from you everyday to request a BSB song. will walk twenty miles in the rain, just for tickets to their 
  show, even if they are in the nosebleed section. teach all your friends the dance routines to "Get Down", 
   "Everybody", etc.'ve listened to their CD so many times that it doesn't play
   anymore!!! see a guy who looks like a BSB( if you squint and turn your 
   head to the side), ans you run up to him and start attacking him. celerate their birhtdays by having a party, baking a cake,and
   singing "happy birthday". spend HOURS on the internet looking for pages like this one. have over 1000 posters,real pictures,articles, and interviews
   of them.