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News: May, June, July & August of 2000

August 31st: Just a minor update. I forgot to mention yesterday that the 2nd CD to be released by the Boys at Burger King has a hidden track on it. I've gotten the 1st CD and the video to add to my collection. Also, I've seen a list of people to appear on the Jerry Lewis Telethon and Backstreet Boys was on the list. The telethon is on channel 9 (KCAL 9), it starts at 9pm EST/6 PST and ends 8am EST/5am PST. Anyway, today is like a belated celebration of the two-year anniversary of this site, which was started on August 23, 1998. And it's gonna keep on going....

August 30th: Not much to report. Just a bunch of stuff on Kevin, some on Nick, some on Brian. Yesterday, Kevin did radio interview on 102.7 KIIS FM, Los Angeles, with both Valentine and JoJo. He actually in the studio, so he's in L.A. right now, which might mean the rest of the guys are, too. And if that's so, then they really MIGHT be appearing on the Jerry Lewis Telethon in a few days. Kevin talked about a number of things, like the new album, the Burger King promo, and Kristin. In the interview with Valentine, they started talking about some book about sex. Now that was funny. After that interview, there was a little recording of Kevin and he said he is now a resident of Los Angeles. I'm going Kevin-house hunting this weekend since I'll be in L.A. Speaking of which, as you all know, Nick's family moved back to Florida (minus BJ), but they didn't move into their old house. The location is undisclosed, but it's about three hours away from where Nick lives. They still have the houses out here for whenever they need to get away. Anyway, Kevin also mentioned in his interview with JoJo that the upcoming 50-date tour is planned to start at the end of February, the single will be out in October, and the album will be out in November. The people from "Allpop" say this weekend is Brian's wedding and he'll be married by Saturday. Once again, congratulations to Brian and Leighanne and I wish them the best in the future.

August 29th: Hey, everyone!! Long time, no see, no update. Well, I'm back home to stay. Disneyland was only a summer job and since summer is almost over, I (LeAndra) figured I come home. On with the news. The first webisode of Backstreet Project premiered a couple days ago. I still haven't seen it and if you haven't, check it out at Also, some lucky fans got to have some questions about the comic book and things answered by Nick. Congrats to all who got picked. According to PRNewswire, the Backstreet Boys new album is to be released on Novemeber 21st. It was announced on Y-100, Ft. Lauderdale, that the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync are to perform together at Wembley Stadium in London, England on December 10th. are also giving away tickets, although there seems to be a dispute about the validity of the announcement since I'm told that Bon Jovi held the last concert this past week and the stadium will soon be torn down. Head on out to Burger King to get the new CD with the Boys first single off the new album, "It's True" and the 45-minute long video "For the Fans". An added bonus is that Kevin co-wrote "It's True" with Max Martin and Andreas Carlsson. I love it already!! Also the commercial for the Burger King promo are now airing on TV. I think they're cute. Also, at there is a special section dedicated to the Backstreet Boys. Go check it out. According to, the Boys will be appearing on the Jerry Lewis Telethon on September 3rd, which starts at 9pm EST/6pm PST and ends at 8am EST/5am PST. Don't know if it's true, but I will be at the telethon due to the appearance of another music group by the name of Youngstown. I highly recommend Youngstown's music. I'd also like to send a belated birthday shout out to Howie. August 22nd was his 27th birthday. "HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, HOWIE!!" **SITE NEWS** There will be no update on September 2nd or 3rd, because I will be out of town. I think that's all.

July 27th: Wow! It's been a very long time. I (LeAndra) finally came home for a couple days to visit. I don't have a computer at my apartment and I've been working a lot, so this is my time and I'm gonna use it well. I know a lot has happened within the last month, but I'm not about to rehash a whole month of stuff, so only stuff that's happened within the last few days will be talked about. Except certain stuff, like Kevin's wedding!! It took place June 17th (my first day working at Disneyland) at the Estill Cathedral Domain, a church came once run by Kevin's father, Jerald Richardson. I'm sure he was there to see his son get married. All the Boys were in attendance (duh!) and afterwards, Kevin and new wife, Kristin, hopped a plane to the Italian islands of Capri, where they partied the first night of their honeymoon away. The next three days they spent behind closed doors. I'm sure we can all guess why. Kevin's brother, Tim is a local minister in Lexington, KY, and presided over his little brother's wedding. He said it was just a "simple and beautiful wedding" not overrun by the media (thank goodness). Congratulations to Kevin and Kristin!! Back to the music, I hope you're saving your pennies because the Burger King promotion deal starts next month. The first single off the new album is called "It's True", and you can get it only at Burger King, along with a 45 minute video and figurines for $3.00 I think it is. The video will be $2.99, which might as well be $3.00 anyway. The CD has a half hour of music on it, so go out and get it. Also, the Boys are in Toronto filming commercial for the Burger King promo. There is also a 50-date tour in the works which Burger King is sponsering. Brian and fiancee, Leighanne are upset they can't find an American distributor for their movie, Olive Juice. To add to that, 'Lil Tyk Thomas and Litty Leigh were both stolen from them for a while. They've since gotten both chiuahuas back. The things people will do. Here's some really exciting news. That book being put together by Fan Illustrated about Backstreet Boys Fans has selected me to be in the book, so look out for that. I will be sending pictures for the book. I'm so happy!!! I was really hoping I'd make it. And you still have a chance, too, but you better hurry. They're fast running out of room and they're still looking for more fans. Got to to sign up now and tell them I sent you. The site will be updated tomorrow, and maybe Saturday, if I wake early enough. Until then, laterz!

June 20th: It's my first day off!! Yay!! Backstreet Boys were honored at the ALMO Awards as part of the Top 10 (Latin) Music Video Performer, showing "I Want It That Way". A fan reports that her cousin and her family went to attend a wedding in Lexington. They were staying at the Marriot Hotel. On June 17th, the fan's aunt was in the gift shop, where she saw Howie signing a card addressed to Kevin and Kristin, saying something about "good luck". Then the fans cousin saw AJ signing autographs in the lobby the next day. There was a huge mansion beside the hotel, where a special occasion was being held. It was supposedly a wedding. But, according to Rick Dees on "Rick Dees' Weekly Top 40" this weekend, Kevin is a newlywed, therefore already married. And according the The Star, a tabloid, Kevin was married with 150 people in attendance. Howie was seen at a Ricky Martin concert in Meadowlands, NJ. Then he was seen backstage talking to him. The Blocbuster Entertainment Awards is starting in a couple minutes, so I have to go. Hope the Boys win!! GOOD LUCK, BACKSTREET BOYS!!

June 18th: Today was another long day at Disneyland. I'm ready for a vacation already. Anyway, Howie said in a radio interview on Z95.7 he will be in Los Angeles to write songs for the next album with Babyface. He also mentioned the Boys will be going back to the studio at the beginning of July. I heard July 1st from AJ, so around that time, the Boys will be hard at work on the new album. Also, Howie is Latina magazine's "Hottie of the Month". There is a one page interview and picture inside. Backstreet Boys' video "The One" beat out Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff" on Combat Zone on MuchMusic yesterday. Way to go, Backstreet Fans!! On June 16th, "The One" was #1 on Total Request Live. Let's try and keep them there for a while. The taping of the 2000 Miss United States Teen competition, which AJ is hosting, will be on July 22nd at the Hard Rock Cafe, Universal Studios, Orlando at 7pm. Tickets available thru Ticketmaster and the box office. *SITE NEWS* There will be no update tomorrow from me (LeAndra). As fate would have it, my dad plans on taking my niece to Disneyland tomorrow. It's her first visit to Cali, so he's going all out. Since I don't have to be at work until 5:30pm tomorrow, I said I'd go with them. So, no update from me tomorrow. Thanks!

June 17th: Today was me (LeAndra) and Dalila's first day working at Disneyland, so expect updates to be every few days. This is going to be a pretty huge news update, so bear with me (oh, and if you've already heard it, sorry). There is a person organizing a Backstreet Boys Album Countdown Party in Times Square the night before the new album is released. For more details, join the egroup list HERE. The party will also benefit the Caroline Dorough-Cochran Memorial Fund. It's been reported that the Boys will be in Quebec in the fall doing some promotion. Also mentioned was that Howie is working with a writer from Quebec, but the identity is unknown, and Howie will be having dinner with a fan who paid $20,000 in an auction a few months back. A Backstreet Boys comic book and a black and white photo signed by Kevin, Howie, and AJ is being auctioned off HERE. More items being auctioned off at are AJ's hat from the Today Show (ending 6/26 @ 4pm EST), autographed Men Strike Back poster (ending 6/26 @ 7pm EST), and a Fender Pickguard signed by AJ (ending 6/26 @ 6pm EST). Howie is to do a live interview June 25th at's "Youth News" section. Go there for more details. Speaking of Howie, he is now the co-owner of a club in Orlando called Zuma Beach. I heard is pretty raunchy right now, but Howie is expected to give it a make over. Continuing with Howie news, he was seen at an 'N Sync concert here in Cali. I don't know which one since there were a few. I was supposed to go last week on June 9th, but *thankfully* got rescued and went out of state that day. Here's some cool news. Brian is co-producer for fiancee, Leighanne's movie, Olive Juice. Also, co-producing the soundtrack with Leighanne, Brian's song "The Perfect Fan" will be on the soundtrack. The Boys have been nominated in Radio Corporation of Singapore's Music Awards. HERE is where you vote (I think). Backstreet Boys are planning to head to the UK to do more writing for the new album. AJ is going to host the 2000 Miss United States Teen competition with the current Miss USA at the Hard Rock Cafe in Universal Studios, Orlando. The show will be taped for national broadcast. Tickets are available through or at the box office. Backstreet Boys did an interview at Open House Party today. I don't know when (it's 9:37pm right now). AJ, Brian, and Kevin went to the Shaft movie premiere in New York City last week. Pollyanna Dorough's CD will not be available at the "Lupus 2000" concert, as of today. Any Pollyanna fans will have to wait until her official site opens. There is a new category at the Teen Choice Awards called "Choice Music Video" and "The One" is nominated. Backstreet Boys MIGHT be on Hit List season finale. So look out for that. Finally, has a sneak preview of some AJ pictures to be in Backstreet Boys: The Official Book. Go check them out. *SITE NEWS* Dalila and I are moving closer to our place of employment this coming Friday, so after that, I don't know when the next update will be. Just keep checking back. Thanks!

June 14th: Hello, everyone. I (LeAndra) am back for one day. Well, I'm told that Jive Records has officially announced that Kevin and Kristin are married, so I guess they are. Has anyone else heard this?? Brian has written a song for Jive's solo artist, Don Phillip, called "How Did I Ever". R&B singer, Joe, was asked during a radio interview how he felt about the Backstreet Boys doing a cover of his song, "No One Else Comes Close", for the Millennium album. In case you didn't know, that song is a cover. Joe said he was overwhelmed, that he didn't think expect a group like the Backstreet Boys to do it, and it was a big deal for him. He also said he has the utmost respect for the Boys. AJ was on MTV's Total Request Live Monday, as well as NBC's Today Show. I saw the Today Show but not TRL because I was on my way back from New Mexico. Anyway, AJ talked about the new album and said Howie's working on some songs with Babyface. *SITE NEWS* I will not be updating the site tomorrow, and probably not on Friday. My niece is visitng Cali for the first time, so my dad and I are taking her everywhere we can. Also, Dalila and I are moving closer to Disneyland (our place of employment) next week. We both start work this coming weekend, so after that, expect updates to be less frequent.

June 8th: First things first. It was reported by the New York Daily News yesterday that Kevin and fiancee, Kristin secretly got married in Los Angeles last weekend, on June 3rd, with only friends and family around. People are already reporting it as fact when the fact is Kevin's representative has neither confirmed or denied he did get married. All I have to say is, if Kevin and Kristin did get married, so what?? They were engaged and going to get married eventually. If they did in fact get married, I congratulate both Kevin and Kristin, wishing them the best in the future. We'll just have to sit back and see what's what. Deborah Gibson and the Nelson Twins are performing at the "Lupus 2000" benefit concert, as well as the unveiling of the new group, O-Town. Howie sure knows how to pick 'em. I'm sure the concert will be awesome. I know a couple people who are going and hopefully they'll tell me everything. There is a contest being held at, Backstreet Boys vs. 'N Sync Trivia Contest, and you can win limited edition merchandise from either group. Also, whichever group gets the most votes will be the first guys on the cover of fashionTeen. Go vote now!! A fan named Kassandra emailed me and said the dance steps she remembers being taught on MTV's Sisqo's Shakedown were to "Everybody". Thanks for the info, Kassandra!! Fatima and Swoop were on Sisqo's Shakedown again today, and Swoop showed the dancer who to do some steps to Will Smith's "Wild Wild West" video, which Fatima, of course, choreographed. Fatima is absolutely glowing from her pregnancy and not afraid to show off her stomach. Judging from the size of her abdomen, she'll be having the baby real soon.

June 7th: Remember a few months ago, AJ was spotted in a pet store buying a new puppy?? Well, he bought that puppy for his girlfriend, Amanda's 21st birthday. It's a Yorkie named Vegas. That's original. A couple days ago, AJ called 102.7 KIIS FM and talked to our beloved JoJo. He mentioned that Chris of 'N Sync live in the same complex. So, if you're looking for AJ's place, you'll find Chris' place too. Go check out for pictures of Brian from the Backstreet Boys: The Official Book. AOL is holding a poll of Backstreet Boys vs. 'N Sync and 'N Sync is winning, so go find it and vote, vote, vote for the Backstreet Boys. You can only vote once, so if you haven't voted, go now. Teck from MTV's The Real World: Hawaii and Backstreet Boys' choreographer, Fatima Robinson were guest host on Sisqo's Shakedown. She was there to teach the dance steps to "Larger Than Life" but had to let fellow BSB choreographer, Swoop, do it because Fatima's having a baby!! CONGRATULATIONS, FATIMA!! She'll be a great mom. So, Swoop taught the steps and Teck said he liked "Larger Than Life" and started dancing away. **SITE NEWS** Dalila and I (LeAndra) have talked about what we're gonna do with the site once we move. We're almost sure we'll have a computer, and we're willing to pay for internet service to keep the site going, but we'll only be updating probably once a week, like every Monday or something, depending on our work schedules. Meanwhile, I (LeAndra) will not be updating the site from June 9th to probably June 13th. I will be out of town during that time. I might be able to update on my brother's computer, but don't count on it. Thanks!

June 6th: AJ spoke up about the fan who "attacked" him in Cologne, Germany. He said that the girl broke through security and came at him. He said he knows she didn't mean for him to get hurt, but because she was so excited about being so close to him, that all she could do was act on her excitment. He said the Boys haven't been there in a while and the fans obviously missed them. He said he didn't get hurt too bad, just pulled his neck the wrong way a little, and it freaked him out that it happened. In yesterday's issue of Rolling Stone Daily, the "Daily Video" was "The One" again. More details on the Burger King promo have been released (via an employee) and she said there will be five dolls (one for each Backstreet Boy), three CDs, and a video. All three CDs will have the new single from the new album, live concert songs, screensavers, and desktop wallpaper. The video includes in-studio recording of the new single, some concert footage, and (maybe) some backstage footage. The video MIGHT have to be ordered. There will be a charity basketball game on July 9th, Backstreet Boys fans vs. 'N Sync Fans. For more info, go to There is an article on AJ in the new J-14 magazine onsale now. There is a new poll that asks "Who do you like better: Backstreet Boys or 'N Sync?" Backstreet Boys were in the lead as of 6:55pm today (that's when I went to vote). GO HERE to vote now. It's being said, a possible name for the new album will be "Trilogy" because this is the Boys third album. That appearance by "Johnny No-Name" on the Today Show is not confirmed. Matt Laur did say that AJ will be stopping by to kick off the summer music charity season in about two weeks. There was another Brian sighting. On May 20th, Brian and fiancee, Leighanne were seen in a Big Red K store with some groceries and Leighanne was doing some banking. They were spotted by a mother and her young BSB fans (her kids). Her little girl accidentally hit Brian with something and she apologized. Brian looked down at the little girl and smiled at her. The mother said she was proud that her children respected Brian and Leighanne's privacy after hearing about what happened at the Marietta K-Mart. I can understand both the mother's side and the fans' side. For a fan, when you have one of the Backstreet Boys two feet in front of you, it's hard not to go over and say hi or ask for an autograph because you may not get that chance again. But because it is they're off-time right now, it would be nice to be left alone. It's not gonna happen, but it would be nice. Last but definitely not least, we'd like to say "Happy Birthday" to Leslie Carter. Today she turns 14 years old and as an added bonus, her new single "I Need To Hear It" hits stores today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LESLIE!!

June 4th: is doing their "Sexiest Rock Star" poll all over again. All votes have been cleared. Kevin is once again in the lead. AJ will be appearing as "Johnny No-Name" on the Today Show June 12th at 7am on NBC. Be sure to watch. That's pretty much it.
I just got back from voting on the poll, and Matchbox Twenty's good-looking Rob Thomas is beating our gorgeous Kevin by thousands upon thousands of votes. We need to get Kevin back in first. He's way more sexier than Rob Thomas. So go there and vote, vote, vote!!

June 1st: First, I'd like to say "Congratulations" to Dalila, the other co-owner of "Backstreet Boys Locker". Today she graduates from high school. Congratulations, Dalila!! Now on with the news. Remember Burger King is doing a promotion for the Backstreet Boys by giving out an exclusive single off the Backstreet Boys new album before it's commercially released, and a video with concert footage and interviews with all five guys?? Well, an employee of Burger King said her manager recently ordered the things and there is also gonna be five Backstreet dolls modeled after the Boys characters in their comic book, Backstreet Project. I don't know if all Burger Kings are gonna do that, so be on the look out come August. Tickets for the "Lupus 2000 Concert" went onsale yesterday thru According to, the import single of "The One" will be released on June 13th. Backstreet Boys: The Official Book will be released on July 5th. The Backstreet Boys are personally involved in this book which has about 300 color pictures. Go out and get it! Backstreet Boys won FOUR awards at the Kids Choice Awards in Latin America, not three as previously reported. They won "Best Group", "Fave Star", "Best Song"- "Larger Than Life" and "Best R&B Group". Adding fuel to the media fire, insiders at Jive Records are saying that Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync absolutely hate each other. Initially, the Boys wanted to release "Don't Want You Back" as their last single off Millennium until they heard 'N Sync's similar sounding "Bye, Bye, Bye". So, Backstreet Boys and MTV came up with the idea of letting the fans pick the next single, "The One". Okay, sure the Boys are exactly best friends with 'N Sync, but so what?? I think the Boys have a right to feel a little upset considering 'N Sync has done practically everything the Backstreet Boys have already done. Not that it's entirely 'N Sync's fault since they're managed by Backstreet's former manager. But, even so, 'N Sync hasn't really tried to set themselves apart from Backstreet Boys. Hey, I like some of 'N Sync's songs and the video for "Bye, Bye, Bye" because part of that video was filmed in Boredomville AKA Fillmore, CA, and Lake Piru, CA. My dad's family lives there, so I go there pretty often. But the first time I heard "Bye, Bye, Bye", my first thought was "That sounds like 'Don't Want You Back'." Oh yeah, I forgot to mention in the last update, Backstreet Boys are on the cover of Teen People's music special issue.

May 30th: Wow, it's been a while. Doesn't seem like it. Well, Lou Pearlman was on the Howard Stern Show and he said if he knew how much it was gonna cost him to finance the Backstreet Boys when they started out, he wouldn't have done it! Talk about jumping in with your eyes closed. Hadn't he heard the saying, "To make money, you gotta spend money"?? Some big names in the music business are set to perform at the "Lupus 2000 Concert", a concert to benefit Howie's foundation. Country singer, John Michael Montgomery will perform, as well as AJ's alter-ego, Johnny No-Name. Howie and sister, Pollyanna will being performing together also. The concert will be held at a dance club called, The Groove, located at the Universal Studios City Walk. General addmission is $75 and the Gold Star package is $200. The concerts is scheduled to start at 6pm and end at 10pm on June 25th. Speaking of Howie, his season finale appearance on the WB show, Roswell, not only saved the show, but he now has a recurring role as an evil alien. Congratulations, Howie!! The duet the Boys did with Lionel Ritchie called "Cinderella" might not be released because Jive Records is disputing against it with Lionel Ritchie's record company. Jive Records were the ones that didn't want Backstreet Boys named on the Elton John's "Friends Never Say Goodbye", which the Boys did the background vocals. At the Kid's Choice Awards in Latin America, the Backstreet Boys won three awards: "Best Group", "Fave Star" and "Best Song"- "Larger Than Life". On TRL Superstars the Boys had four videos on: "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" at #22 (not #12 as previously reported), "Show Me The Meaning..." at #12, "Larger Than Life" at #7 and "I Want It That Way" at #1!! I'm sure you all watched the World Music Awards last night (I missed the first half-hour). I just had to laugh after AJ and Howie presented Mariah Carey with her award, Howie promptly wraps his arm around her waist, as she puts her arm around his shoulders. I just found that funny. My dad thought it was funny, too. And they showed AJ and Howie a lot in the audience when they presented Michael Jackson with his award, too. Okay, I'm done.

May 26th: Howie attended an invitation-only dinner co-hosted by Desmond Child, Destons Songs, and Extreme Writers for songwriters everywhere last month. I don't know why he went, but he was a special guest. The special music issue of Teen People will sold ONLY ON NEWS STANDS on June 9th. A few Sam Goody's already have it. It has a lot of neat pictures of the Backstreet Boys. As of around 2pm this afternoon, Brian was 5th place to Taylor Hanson on a poll being done by Teen People for the "Male Star with Most Promising Career". To vote for Brian, CLICK HERE. Results will be announced tonight on ABC at 8pm. Howie and Kevin were asked to be a part of the "Duck-a-thon" auction done by eBay. They autographed little duckies, along with other celebrities, and they were auctioned off to benefit the Huntington Beach Community Clinic last weekend. Florida newspaper, Orlando Sentinal, conducted a poll to see who was the best Orlando-based group: Backstreet Boys or 'N Sync. Backstreet Boys destroyed 'N Sync with 456 votes to 73 votes. Some say that a lot of fans didn't want to pick a favorite, but as we can see, a lot of fans did. A few days ago, AJ was in Las Vegas attending a talent search conducted by Quincy Jones at the Venetian Hotel and Casino. Speaking of AJ, he and Howie were in Stockholm, Sweden for about 5 hours on May 20th. They flew over to meet with Max Martin to approve some material for the new album at the Cheiron Studios. On TRL Superstars, which airs this weekend, "I Want It That Way" is #1, "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" is #12, and "Show Me The Meaning...." is #??, I don't know. Way to go, Backstreet Fans! According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Brian was detained for a few minutes because when he and fiancee, Leighanne were leaving a K-Mart in Marietta, GA (Leighanne's hometown), he activated the security system. Apparently, the cashier who rang up the couple's purchases (some items for a pool party, if you must know), she forgot to deactivate one of the security tags. Also, as word spread throughout the store that Brian was there, other customers and workers flocked over to the jewelry section to see him (which witnesses report Leighanne wasn't too thrilled by), and somebody decided to try and steal a TV(!!) while all the excitement was high and everybody was distracted. He was detained as well. On a funny note, the cashier is going to keep the pen that Brian wrote with. Not at all strange to me considering I kept a piece of pink paper that Howie touched. What can I say, I'm strange. There's a rumor going around that Nick is engaged to girlfriend, Mandy (aka Willa Ford). IT'S NOT TRUE! Nick has said repeatedly he is not ready to get married, much less to Mandy. When he does get married, rest assure that that's in the far, far future. Also, I saw a website announcing the engagement of Nick to a girl named Amanda Banks. That is completely false. All the pictures of "Amanda Banks" are pictures of Mandy Moore and said "Amanda Banks" met Nick when she toured with the Backstreet Boys during their Spring 2000 Tour and that Nick proposed to her on May 19th, which was last week. I DON'T THINK SO!! The whole site is completely bogus. Don't believe anything on it, if you see it. Lou Pearlman is on CNN right now, so I have to go see what he says about his troubles with the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync. Laterz!

May 25th: Sign up to be part of a book called Backstreet Boys: Fan of the Millennium. There's going to be a list of fans in the book and you can be entered in a contest that's being held. For more info CLICK HERE. Kevin, Nick, and Howie all got certified for scuba diving through Stuart Cove's South Ocean resort while in the Bahamas. It's being said that the Boys' new album is to be released on October 10th. That date is subject to change and probably will be changed. Don't forget to watch "Teen People's 25 Hottest Stars Under 25" tomorrow at 8pm on ABC to see if Brian beat out Justin from 'N Sync. I heard that he has, but we'll see tomorrow. That's it for now.

May 23rd: Backstreet Boys are up for "Choice Single"- "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely", "Choice Album"- Millennium, "Choice Pop Group", "Choice Love Song"- "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely", and "Choice Male Hottie"- Nick Carter at Seventeen's Teen Choice Awards 2000. Go HERE to vote. Today in Rolling Stone Daily that I receive in my email box everyday has "The One" as the daily video. In the magazine-size TV Guide, which you might get with your newspaper, has a feature of All Star Weddings. There is a picture of Kevin and fiancee, Kristin on the cover, as well as inside with Brian and fiancee, Leighanne. Then it has an article about the kind of wedding they'd probably have, which they think will take place at the Disney World magic castle as a double wedding, invitation only. As for the invitations, they will be tied to a glass slipper on a velvet pillow or something like that. Remember, this is their visual of what the weddings will be, it's not an actual description of the weddings. Max Martin, who has written many songs for the Backstreet Boys, was named "Songwriter of the Year" at the ASCAP's 17th Annual Pop Awards for the second year in a row. Congratulations, Max Martin!! A BSB site called Backstreet Millennium has some promotion clips of the Boys from back in 1993! Of course, there's "Tell Me That I'm Dreaming" and another called "Let Me Be Your Lover Boy". You have to check it out.

May 21st: Not much news considering I was gone for a few days. Nick is auctioning off his couch, which he has signed. All money goes to the Tampa Bay Children's Hospital. For more details, CLICK HERE. Kevin was number one in a poll is running for "Hottest Rockstar" until a few days ago. Now Eminem is first, so CLICK HERE to vote for Kevin and put him back in first. *SITE NEWS* There wasn't any real question on whether this site would reach it's 2nd anniversary until now. Recently both Dalila and I (LeAndra) have been hired to work at Disneyland, so we're moving to a closer location. I'm not sure if we're still gonna run this site or if we're gonna take it down. I really don't want to, but I don't know if I'll have any time to work on it. Then there's the matter of actually having a computer. We might, but it's not clear if we will. We still have to discuss it. I start working in a few weeks, so we'll let you know soon.

May 16th: At the World Music Awards, Howie and AJ (or all the guys) had to present Mariah Carey with her award (for something) twice. Why?? She was upset nobody was paying any attention to her acceptance speech the first time because Michael Jackson was there, so she made them tape it again. Nick to part in a charity basketball game in Tampa, FL, on May 13th. Yaboom (a toy company, I think) is working with Winterland (the official merchandise company for the Boys) to make Backstreet Boys dolls. The doll are due out in June of this year. It has not yet been comfirmed if Yaboom is working with Winterland. More to report on the AJ/fan incident in Germany. As previously reported, AJ and Howie made an appearance on "VIVA Interaktiv" to talk about the new album and present the new video. Afterwards while signing autographs, everything was going fine until a 16-year-old fan named Sarah decided to attack AJ. She jumped on him and security pulled her off. She pretended to faint and was taken away on a stretcher. Then she went crazy again and jumped on AJ's back, anchoring herself with her arm around his neck, injuring AJ. Security once again got her off and she was arrested. Her explanation?? "But I love him so very much!"

May 14th: Another small update. It's been a slow news day. I watched the Howard Stern Show on CBS last night and they showed clips of the interview and some of Kevin, Howie, and AJ before and after the show. I'm gonna watch the one on E!, too. Howie and AJ were in Cologne, Germany on Friday to do an appearance for a show called Interaktiv. Afterwards, they went outside and signed autographs for the fans and took pictures. According to German news reports, supposedly a female fan got a little too excited and threw herself at AJ. Security had to get her off him and AJ went back to signing autopgraphs. Somehow, the girl got loose and threw herself at him again and AJ was getting a little freaked out. There were also reports that she fainted. None of it has been confirmed by new reports in Germany. Howie was named "Finest Man" in Latina magazine and there was a small article on him. Mandy Moore thanked the Backstreet Boys in the liner notes of her new album for sharing the wonderful experience of touring with her. Tuesday, May 16th, on the Early Show on CBS at 7am, segments include Backstreet Boys in the recording studio, so be sure to watch. Also, don't forget to watch Roswell tomorrow on the WB to see Howie as an alien. One more thing, you can't listen to Leslie Carter's single on her official site anymore because they took it down and replaced it with a "coming soon" thing. Now all she has is a mailing list.

May 13th: Just a small update. For those of you who missed Kevin, Howie, and AJ on the Howard Stern Show, it's coming on again, but it's the times that's getting confusing. Some say it's showing tonight on CBS at 11:30pm. According to E! Online, they're showing it on Monday, the 15th, at 11pm. I'd watch both just in case. AJ and Howie have been doing quite the traveling because right now, it's their job to do all appearances it seems. They were at the Gloria Estefan concert, which aired last night (which I forgot about), but that's understandable since they're both Latino. Then off to Europe for the World Music Awards together, then off to Germany to do a show. Where's everybody else??

May 12th: Gawd, I had no idea it's been this long since I updated this section. It seemed like only a day to me. Anyway, the Backstreet Boys walked away with "Favorite Pop Group" and "Favorite CD"- Millennium at the Blockbuster Awards. The Boys didn't make an appearance at the awards. Howie and AJ were in Europe recently at the World Music Awards where they walked away with four awards (again) for "Best-Selling Pop Group", "Best-Selling R&B Group", "Best-Selling Dance Group", and "Best-Selling American Group". AJ and Howie were shown arriving at the World Music Awards on Access Hollywood for like two seconds. That was enough to get a reaction out of me. Brian recently took part in the "Mutt Putt Golf Charity Game" on May 8th in Lexington, KY, to benefit the Lexington Humane Society. Brian's parents, Harold II & Jackie, his brother, Harold III, Harold III's fiancee, Tracy, and Brian's fiancee, Leighanne also participated. Which brings up Brian's brother, Harold III and his recent engagement to fiancee, Tracy. Kevin, Brian, and Harold really are making it a family event. CLICK HERE to read the transcript from news coverage of the event. The "Top 50 Boy Poll" from Bliss magazine (based in the UK) has come out with Nick at #9 (he was #16 last year) and Brian at #29 (he was #36 last year).

May 8th: First, today is the day that gave us Backstreet Fans a healthy, although tired, Brian Littrell. Today is the the two year anniversary of his successful heart surgery. Thank you, God, for watching over him. Speaking of Brian, he disappointed many fans at the Barnstable-Brown Gala when he arrived. At the advice of his fiancee, Leighanne, Brian just walked past the excited fans without a smile, a wave, nothing. On the opposite side, when Kevin and fiancee, Kristin arrived, Kevin signed autographs and walked over to were some kids were performing and gave them all a hug. Also, the couple talked to the media for about ten minutes. As for Howie, he waved, he smiled, he talked to the media, then headed inside. Inside that party, after talking the numerous celebrities that attended, Brian walked up to the band and asked, "Do you know any Backstreet Boys music?", and Howie felt inclined to say, "We're not talking about that 'N Sync stuff, either." Good one, Howie. Kevin, Brian, and Howie sang a couple of their biggest hits as well as "Tears Of A Clown" and "My Girl". I'm sure everyone enjoyed that. Now here's something that should excite the Boys. Michael Jackson has signed on with the Backstreet Boys' management, The Firm. If Korn's Jonathan Davis couldn't believe they shared managers with the Backstreet Boys, I can only imagine what he's thinking now.

May 7th: Kevin, Brian, and Howie were so notably at the Barnstable-Brown Gala yesterday. Backstreet Fans were there waiting to catch a glimpse of them. They were at the Kentucky Derby. Brian was dressed in a tan suit with a matching hat, while Kevin was dressed in a white suit with a matching hat. Also, Brian's fiancee, Leighanne, and Kevin's fiancee, Kristin were there. There wasn't much reported on Howie, but he was there. Kevin bid on the winning horse, Fusaichi Pegasus. I bet he was excited. Total Request Live is holding a poll were viewers pick their favorite videos. Four Backstreet Boys videos are listed: "Everybody (Backstreet Back)", "Larger Than Life", "I Want It That Way", and "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely". The top 40 will be played on May 27th. CLICK HERE to vote. You want to listen to Nick's sister, Leslie's debut single, "I Need To Hear It From You"?? Well, now you can hear it on her official website: Also, Nick co-wrote her song entitled, "True". The Howard Stern Show with Kevin, AJ, and Howie might being showing again on Saturday, so keep an eye out for that.

May 5th: HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!! Time to party and celebrate my heritage. Anyway, Howie's official site, has finally been updated. The chat room is back up and there are new pics in the multimedia section. There's a little campaign going on. A fan suggested all the Backstreet Fans wear a blue ribbon on May 8th to comemorate Brian's successful heart surgery and to show him we support him and care about him. I don't think it's a bad idea. Speaking of Brian, he will be at a Kentucky Derby party in Louisville, along with Kevin and Howie. They're attended the Barnstable-Brown Gala with other celebrities. I'm told they will be at the races as well. More news on the "Love Bug" computer virus. It's been reported on the news that the virus is also sent to people with "Joke" or "Very Funny" as the subject. So, if you get an email with either subject heading, delete it. Also, if you ever get an email with a .vbs file, don't open it.

May 4th: The video for "The One" is definitely my favorite video now. I thought it was totally amazing and it brought back so many memories of the concerts I went to last year. And Kevin co-directed it, too, which makes it even better. I just thought it was a great way to have the last video of from the Millennium album. And like Howie said, it was a great way to show all the fans who didn't get to see the Boys' Millennium Tour. MTV's Ultrasound: Backstreet Boys- One on Ones was really interesting two. I was on the verge of tears listening to Kevin talk about his father and Brian's heart surgery. Then listening to Brian talk about his surgery, Howie talk about his sister's death, AJ talking about his father and that situation, and Nick and his family's situation just really makes you realize once again they are all normal people just like us. It was a great view on them personally. Now, for some non-BSB news. There's a computer virus being dubbed the "Love Bug" on the loose and has already infected many computers. So, if you get an email called "I Love You" do not open it. Once you open the attachment inside, it releases the virus and sends the same email to everybody in your address book. This virus seems to be pointed at Microsoft users, but in any case, be careful.

May 3rd: ECW Press is doing a book on the Backstreet Boys. Only this time, it's the Backstreet Fans doing the writing. It's to be part of a series called "FanFare". They want BSB fans to send them stories of their Backstreet Boys experiences, however they must be true. No fan fiction. Also, if you have website and want to post a banner about the book on your site to help spread the word, ECW Press will put the name and internet address of your site in the book. You can bet we'll be doing that. So, check out the site for the book at If you'd like to post a banner, email them and they'll make arrangements. A fan is going to be meeting former Backstreet Band member, Tim Berkebile. If you remember, he was the drummer before Bubba Bryant. I'm sure you do. Anyway, the fan is making a fan book for him and is giving May 17th for anybody a chance to be a part of it. If you'd like to, email her HERE. Tell Tim how much we miss him. I sure do, he was my favorite member along with Tommy. Backstreet Boys will be on Access Hollywood today, so be sure to watch.

May 2nd: The April 18th edition of 16 magazine has an article on Brian and his "Healthy Hearts Club". It has a lot of information on it, so check it out. Entertainment Tonight showed clips of the upcoming "Gloria Estefan, Carribean Soul: The Atlantis Concert" and showed Howie and AJ. AJ had a little something to say to Gloria: "You've done a wonderful job for the Latin community, I'm Cuban, good luck with everything, God Bless, I love you." Then he threw her a kiss. Speaking of that concert, it will air on May 12th on CBS at 8pm. MTV's Ultrasound: Backstreet Boys- One on Ones will air on May 4th at 5pm. Some say it will air at 4:30pm, so keep a close watch on that day. I saw a commercial for it and it said 5pm on May 4th. Some spring breakers who were in the Bahamas chilled with the Backstreet Boys. They said Kevin spent some time gambling, Howie and AJ went club hopping a lot, and Brian and Nick spent most of their nights in the hotel. They also said the Boys were very nice and down-to-earth. I saw a sneak preview of the video for "The One". It's not at all like what Nick was describing, but more like a collage of video clips from the Millennium Tour. It's looks really good. If you'd like to see it, go to the Videos Section for the sneak peek. Remember to watch the video premiere on May 4th.

May 1st: Sir Elton John dedicated a song to Brian and his fiancee, Leighanne on April 29th, in Atlanta saying, "I'd like to dedicate this next song to some friends of mine backstage.... to Brian and Leighanne." Elton than proceeded to sing "Tiny Dancer" with the lyric "You'll marry a music man." It wasn't confirmed whether Brian and Leighanne were really backstage or not, considering Brian's supposed to be in the Bahamas with the others recording the new album, but you never know. If Elton John wanted them to be there, it's most likely they were. I know if I got a personal invite from Elton, I would've gone. Speaking of Brian, his foundation "Brian Littrell's Healthy Heart Fund" is's top grossing foundation with Howie's foundation not too far behind. MTV's Wanna Be A VJ 3 winner, Raymond screamed out loud that he's a closet Backstreet Boys fan. I've noticed that ever since a few brave males started admitting they like the Backstreet Boys, more than a few others have also. I think it's great. CBS Early Morning Show host (maybe Mark McEwen??) said he's heading to the Bahamas to see Gloria Estefan and the Backstreet Boys, so look out for some interview that might be shown. AJ and Howie are two of many celebrity guest to be at the concert Gloria Estefan taped in the Bahamas called, "Gloria Estefan, Carribean Soul: The Atlantis Concert" to air on May 12th. I forgot what channel, so I'll get back to you on that one. Right now, the Boys are recording in Nassau. Today, the Carter family (minus Bobbie Jean) said goodbye to sunny Southern California and are saying hello to sunny Northern Florida. I'm told Bobbie Jean is staying here, sharing an apartment with some friends. *SITE NEWS* As you can see, all news from March and April has been removed, but you can view it by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

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