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News of 1998

August 24th: AJ was admitted to a hospital in Canada for a torn ligament, which was caused during a dance routine at a concert in Canada. He has already been out of a few shows.

September 2nd: The Backstreet Boys made an appearence on the Regis and Kathy Lee show, where both Brian and AJ admitted to "seeing someone". Sorry, girls.

September 10th: The Backtreet Boys won the Best Group Video Award at the MTV Video Music Awards tonight, for the "Everybody (Backtreet's Back)" video. They also put on a very energetic and AWESOME performance. Congratulations, Backstreet Boys!!!

September 13th: Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough got some tragic news today. Howie was told that his older sister Caroline had died of lupus and a show the Boys were going to do was cancelled, which is completely understandable. Howie, our thoughts are with you and we are deeply sorry for your loss.


October 7th: Mayor Glenda Hood of Orlando had declared Oct. 7th as Backstreet Boys' day!!!

October 10th: The Backstreet Boys World Tour has been delayed until May due to the recording of their next album.

October 11th: Speaking of their next album, its due out in April. So now we have to wait even longer!!

October 16th: After five years of public appearances, interviews, and touring, the Boys felt that they have grown up and outgrown the Wrights. "Management companies and people can take you to a certain level, and then when it feels like you're not really growing, you know, we as artists and even in a management situation, you feel like, 'Okay, let's do something about it'," said Brian. Now the group is trying things out on their own and they now have self-management. "We have weekly business meetings, we're either going to get new management or we're either going to get a consultant. And right now the phone is ringing off the hook," said Kevin. He also said, "We would love to just go out on stage and just focus on pleasing the crowd and recording great songs and having a great career as an artist, but we've grown up and we've seen some things that we weren't happy with and we wanted to make changes and we did that and thank God we did it successfully without compromising our music or our career." We wish them luck with their future plans!!!!

October 22nd: There are several television appearances by the BSB coming up, first we have BSB on MTV at 4:30 for Backstreet TV on Oct.26th, then we have BSB on the Rosie O'Donnell show at 3 or 4, depending, on where you live on Oct.29th,then on Nov.12th they are gonna be at the MTV Europe video music awards, and on Nov.29th they are gonna be featured artists on VHI storytellers with Tony Benet,and finally, on Dec.7th they will be performing on the Billboard Awards!!! That's all for now...

November 2nd: OH MY GOSH!!!! I know that all you AJ and Brian fans will be happy(because i sure am!). AJ and Brian are both single now!!! AJ and Amanda broke up and Brian and Leighanne broke up. IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!

December 8th: Congratulations to the Boys for winning Best Group at the 1998 Billboard Music Awards. The also won in the Adult Contemperary Single category. The Boys performance was awesome too. If you didn't see the Awards, you missed a good show. There is a bit of bad news for all you Brian fans. In fact, we're still in shock. BRIAN GOT BACK TOGETHER WITH LEIGHANNE!!! They were seen at the Billboard Awards together, by us (LeAndra & Dalila) and 5 other girls who went to the Awards with us, holding hands and everything. It was pretty sickening. Also, Nick was with a girl who we strongly suspect is his girlfriend. So, keep an ear out all you Nick fans. Who knows? It might be true. And to all you AJ fans, AJ sent a special shout of love to an unknown girl. Could he have a new love interest or did he hook up with Amanda again? We wish we knew.