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News: January & February of 1999

January 5th: Congratulations to the Boys for getting nominated in the Best New Artist category for the Grammy's!! So be sure to watch on February 24th to see them win. And also be sure to watch the American Music Awards on January 11th at 8:00pm (if you live on the west coast) to see the Backstreet Boys perform and to see them win yet another award.

January 6th: We have some bad news for all the Nick fans and AJ fans all around the world. Nick DOES HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. He said so in an interview for a German magazine called BRAVO. She is an aspiring singer and he says she kind of looks like his sister BJ. Does anyone think it's not a coincidence that both Brian and Nick are going out with an "aspiring actress" and an "aspiring singer", besides us? Speaking of an "aspiring singer", now for the worst news. We (LeAndra & Dalila) got sick to our stomachs when we heard this. We're still extremely pissed about this. It was printed in a legitimate German newspaper that Amanda Latona of the so-called "singing" group Innosense, and is AJ's girlfriend, has left the group due to the fact that she is PREGNANT WITH AJ'S CHILD!!! And AJ commented that he has no plans to leave Amanda or the child and that he hopes that it's a boy. Even though this was printed in an actual NEWSPAPER, we are hoping and praying to God that it's not true. If it is true, we have only one question: "WHY, AJ, WHY!?!?!?!?"

January 7th: Here it is, people. The article with the worst news in Backstreet Boys history. Is it true? Judge for yourself:

AJ McLean, of the former Transcontinental group The Backstreet Boys, and Amanda Latona, of the new Transcontinental group Innosense, are expecting a child in August. The couple have no plans of yet to marry, however, Latona plans on leaving Innosense. Nineteen-year-old Natalie Watkins is already practicing with the remaining four girls-- Mandy Ashford, Nikki DeLoach, Veronica Finn, and Danay Ferrer-- to take Amanda's place. Innosense manager, Lynn Harless, was quoted as saying, "It's sad to see Amanda leave. She's like a daughter to me, but I understand why she cannot continue." Originally, Latona blamed the exit on wanting to persue a solo career, but when the story leaked to several German newspapers on the real reason, she and McLean decided that they would explain to the world. Innosense's single "Wherever You Are" is dwindling on the European charts, however they were expected to go into the studio in January to record new songs for a US album. However, now Latona will not be joining them and recording may be postponed so that Watkins can settle into the group. McLean had no camment other than to say that he planned on staying with Latona and their child, and he hoped it would be a boy. Fellow Backstreet Boy, Brian Littrell, summed it up by saying, "They're in love! What's wrong with that?" However, young fans of McLean may not see it the same way. We asked a thirteen-year-old fan from Berlin what she thought about the pregnancy. "I don't believe it! How could he do that?" cried Alekis Kohlsdorfer. Her friend, Merand Rott, echoed the sentiment. "It makes me lose respect for him." Only time will tell if this will hurt either the Backstreet Boys or Innosense.

There you go. Write any comments you may have about this news in the guestbook. Do you believe it?

January 9th: Well, here's one piece of good news today. TODAY'S AJ MCLEAN'S 21ST BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AJ!! FROM BOTH OF US (especially "D")

January 12th: Sorry to say the Backstreet Boys walked away from the American Music Awards empty-handed, but they say it's always an honor just to be nominated. But anyway, much to the disappointment of some friends of ours who went to the Awards, Brian was with Leighanne and Nick was with his girlfriend. Amanda was there also, but she NOT sitting with AJ and the rest of the Boys, like Leighanne and Nick's girlfriend. Could there be trouble in paradise? In fact, she was sitting WAY in the back, looking NOT pregnant. If she was pregnant, she would be in her third or fourth month, which means she'd be SHOWING right now. So, could the article from BRAVO be false? Here's another interesting fact: Apparently, Nick's girlfriend threw a fit when the usher told her she was going to the wrong seats. Come on, girl! It's not that big a deal!! No need to get angry. And during the Boys performance, Leighanne and Nick's girlfriend just sat there, emotionless. If that was your boyfriend up on stage, doing what he loved to do, wouldn't you be happy and smiling? We know we would. Also, we'd like to wish a Happy 17th Birthday to Nick's sister, BJ Carter.

January 13th: We have some important and very good news for all you AJ fans around the world. The article shown above, from the December issue of BRAVO, has been analyzed to the extreme by various people and they have concluded the article is NOT TRUE!! The reasoning for this is that it is a well-known fact that magazines conduct their interviews a few MONTHS BEFORE PUBLICATION. So Amanda Latona would have to be pregnant 10 or 11 months to have a child in August. Also, a very reliable source that we have says that AJ's girlfriend is NOT pregnant. And an unexpected, but extremely real, person has emailed another of our sources saying that AJ McLean HIMSELF told him a couple of weeks ago, while having lunch at a cafe in Florida, that he is NOT going to have a child. Who would this person be? He is Bob McLean, AJ's father. It was also taken into consideration that the magazine BRAVO has shown irresponsible journalism before. This was the magazine that caused a major panic among the European fans by reporting the break up of the Backstreet Boys, which was also NOT TRUE. Hope that clears everything up.

January 28th: We'd like give a birthday shout to Nick. HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY, NICKOLAS GENE CARTER!! TODAY IS YOUR DAY AND MAY YOU HAVE MANY MORE TO COME! We love you, Nick!! (And AJ, Kevin, Howie, and Brian!!)

February 3rd: Some Need-To-Know information: The Backstreet Boys in CONCERT on Pay-Perview, Feb. 6th. Everyone order today! Also, watch the Shania Twain Special on March 3rd to see gueststars BACKSTREET BOYS sing a duet with Shania Twain.

February 5th: Tonight was the night the 48th Annual Miss America Pageant was aired on TV and our very own Kevin Richardson had the honor of being one of the judges. Kevin was also the harshest judge, but he seemed to favor Miss Tennessee a lot.

February 11th: Alright, first things first. Once again, the Backstreet Boys US Summer Tour has been pushed back to later dates. In fact, the whole tour has been pushed back to coincide with release of their new album entitled, "Millennium". Speaking of the new album, it is scheduled to be released May 18, 1999 and the first single is scheduled to be released in April.

February 12th: Here's some interesting news. It's been written in a magazine from Spain that Howie Dorough has a girlfriend named Lydia San Jose, a Spanish actress. Can it be true? Who knows....

February 13th: Since the tour has been rescheduled to start June 2nd, here's a little something to keep you busy. There will be a new book published in May 1999, about the Backstreet Boys, called "Backstreet Boys On The Road". The price for the book will be $19.95. It has 75 illustrations and is a must-have for all Backstreet Boys fans. For more information, go to:

February 14th: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO THE BACKSTREET BOYS!!! And a special Happy Valentine's Day shout out to AJ MCLEAN from Dalila and to NICK CARTER from LeAndra. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

February 20th: Today Brian Littrell turns 24, so we'd like to say: BRIAN, WE LOVE YOU AND WE HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY TODAY! HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY, B-ROK!!

February 24th: If you all watched the Grammy's, you know the Backstreet Boys didn't win "Best New Artist". But at least they lost to Lauryn Hill, someone worthy of that Grammy, and not the Dixie Chicks or Andrea Bocelli. It would've been sad if they had. But there is one thing I (LeAndra) would like to say. On the preview show on CBS, when they showed the nominees for "Best New Artist", they said Backstreet Boys and SHOW A CLIP OF *N SYNC!!!! Was anyone that saw it as extremely upset as I was?? That was just plained screwed up. How could anyone get the Backstreet Boys and *N SYNC mixed up? To the people at CBS: WHAT THE HELL'S WRONG WITH YOU!?! Sorry, I just had to get that out.

February 25th: We found out Nick's girlfriend's name. It's Mandy. No wonder he said "And she's not from the group Innosense" in a interview. We don't her know last name but we'll find out soon enough. Also, we have BJ and Aaron Carter's opinion on Mandy. Go to the "Reviews" section to get a behind-the-scenes look at the Backstreet Boys at the Grammys, as well as a review on what they wore.

February 26th: This may seem kind of weird, well extremely weird, but when I (LeAndra) was watching the Soap Opera Awards, I was surprised, but happy to hear them play "As Long As You Love Me" while showing clips for "Favorite Couple", "I'll Never Break Your Heart" while showing clips from "Producers Choice: One Life To Live", and "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" while showing clips from "Producer's Choice: Port Charles". Goes to show even the Soap Opera Awards producers feel only a song by the Backstreet Boys can be used to help define the category of "Daytime's Favorite Show".

February 27th: Okay, now I know this may seem crazy, but today I went to the movies. While they were showing the previews to the movie, "Blast From The Past", the song "I'll Never Break Your Heart" was playing. I just wanted to let you know. Also, there is a rumor going around that Kevin has a girlfriend. I (LeAndra) have seen pictures of them together in Tampa, Florida, at the Outback Bowl. Apparently, Kevin was there to sing the "National Anthem". He was there with his "girlfriend" and his two brothers, Jerald and Tim. The college football team from Kentucky was playing and Kevin, his "girlfriend", and his brothers stayed to watch. And I saw pictures of Brian and Leighanne Wallace together and it looked like they were from a magazine, but I don't know is they are. I'll post them up and you can see for yourself.